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'PhoenixZorn's Report of Directory:Acetone as a Fuel Additive Effect on Mileage and Performance'


Testing on 1986 Chevy K5 Blazer

Originally posted here.


make & model of car: 1986 Chevy K5 Blazer

ratio(s) of acetone used (oz / 10 gal): 2.0 oz/10 gal

mileage before: 11 mpg

mileage after: 15 mpg

number of miles tested: 1000+

other observations (power, idle, exhaust) : Noticed increased off-idle power, slight increase in acceleration, elimination of exhaust smell.

Individual Reports

November 16, 2005

Tested on a new Crate 356cu in Small Block Chevy motor. Before acetone, mileage was consistent at 11mpg. Highway mileage was slightly higher, usually averaging about 13-14mpg. Truck was puting out 295hp and 380ft-lbs of torque at installation. I started with 2oz of acetone per 25 gallons of gas and noticed an immediate but small increase in power and acceleration. This was repeated for 3 tanks, for an average mileage increase of 1.5mpg in the city and about 2.5mpg on the highway. After the first 3 tanks, I increased acetone in the tank to 4oz per 25 gallons and again noticed an increase in mileage. Final mileage was about 15mpg in the city and 18mpg on the highway with a Quadrajet carburator. Testing would have continued further, but due to an error made by me, a fuel leak at the carburator caught fire and burned the truck to the ground.

Testing will continue on 1991 Nissan Stanza with KA24E motor, 1970 Chevy K5 Blazer with stock 350cu in motor, and 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix with 3.8L motor. Current mileage of Nissan is 27mpg average per tank. Current mileage of Blazer is 14mpg average per tank as secondaries never have needed to open. Current mileage of Grand Prix is approximately 24mpg average per tank. Grand Prix mileage has been steadily decreasing from closer to 30mpg. Suspected causes are uneven tire wear, poor fuel, and possibly engine tuning issues, though a tune-up was recently performed that icluded new plugs, wires, and PCV Valve.



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