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'Pascal's report of Directory:Acetone as a Fuel Additive Effect on Mileage and Performance in his Honda Odyssey 2000'


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I'm now getting approximately 70-80 kilometers per tank more with Acetone.


make & model of car - Honda odyssey 2000

ratio(s) of acetone used (oz / 10 gal) - 2 oz/10 gal

mileage before - consistent 385 (Kilometers)

mileage after - 455 Kilometers

number of kilometers tested - thus far 1600

other observations (power, idle, exhaust) - the 3.5 V-6 engine feels much tighter, more power and smoother with Acetone.

Individual Reports

July 31 2005

I'm driving a Honda Odyssey 2000 with 170,000KM on it. Noticed engine is running smoother and slight increase in performance when using acetone. I am adding 2 onces per 40 liters of gas.

I was getting 10.4 liters of gas per 100 KM with city driving, mileage increased to average of 8.8 liters of gas per 100 KM and for highway driving it went from 8.8 liters per 100KM to 8.1 litres of gas per 100KM.

Contrarily to what I have read, engine knocking increased using 87 octane which I always used. Increased octane level to 91 and knocking disappeared and mileage has increased, too early to post.

Questions and observations, first, always changed my spark plugs for 25 years, I was shock to see how clean it was after using acetone, what would explain this... the metal part is clean and the white porcelain is white and this is after doing 15000 KM on the plug (NGK). Second when I first start the engine, it smell more than usual but has soon as it warms up, two minutes, it doesn't smell anymore, concerns. I will stop using acetone for a while to see engine response, check knocking and smell. I haven't use acetone for too long ( two months ) and once every tanks I alternate between gas and gas with acetone.

With 40 liters of gas:

City driving before acetone average 380 KM to 390 KM

Highway driving before acetone average 450 KM to 460 KM

now with acetone,

City driving average 450 KM to 460 KM therefore, I do between 60 to 80 more kilometers.

Highway driving average 490 KM to 500 KM means I do between 30 to 50 more kilometers.

Regards, Pascal,



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