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'Metro Manila's Report of Directory:Acetone as a Fuel Additive Effect on Mileage and Performance'


Hello, I'm from Metro Manila, Philippines.

We also have a discussion about this:

Anyway, here are my results.


The Car: 1999 Toyota Corolla 1.6 GLi A/T

Typical Milage: 5.5 to 6km/L all city driving with a/c always on.

Typical Destinations: Cubao, Makati, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Manila.

Fuel Used: Shell Unleaded (approx 93 octane)

Gas Station: Shell @ Ortigas/Connecticut, San Juan.

Status/Results: (as compared to 5.75km/L)

First dose results (60mL per 40L) = 6.44km/L (12% gain in fuel milage)

Second dose results (75mL per 40L) = 6.53km/L (13.56% gain in fuel


Third dose results (90mL per 40L) = XXXXXXX (coming soon)

April 07, 2005

Today I filled my tank with 60mL of acetone and filled the rest of

the fuel tank with Shell Unleaded gasoline.

After half a day and 12km, there was no difference in how the car

behaved in starting, accelerating or idling.

April 11, 2005

so far I have used up about 1/4 of my tank of acetone treated

gasoline. Typically I get about 60 to 70km at this point

with "normal" gasoline. I got slightly over 80km (83km to be exact).

That is about a 30% improvement assuming the basis is 65km @ 1/4 tank


Note: At this point, the "gains" are unofficial because any car's

fuel level guage can be relatively inaccurate. The official km/L will

be when I fill up my fuel tank again. Based on current consumption,

it will be at the end of the week.

April 13, 2005

Given my fuel guage is still above 1/4 line (fuel remaining), I went

ahead to fill up my gasoline tank. My trip odometer registered

191.5km while 29.7L of gasoline was filled into my tank. That

computes to about 6.44km/L fuel milage. Its an increase but not as

much as I was expecting. Given the increase is only 12%, I cannot

consider it to prove anything at this point.

When I filled my gas tank, I poured in approx 2.5oz per 10 gallons

equivalent of acetone. Maybe a slightly stronger dose will give

better results. I'll know in a week's time.

April 19, 2005

Finally, I went back to Shell @ Ortigas Ave to fill up my fuel tank.

Current gasoline price is now around P31.50 from about P30.50 per

liter. My trip odometer registered 223.9km while 34.3L of gasoline

filled my tank. That is 6.53km/L fuel milage.

This time, I poured in the equivalent of 3oz (roughly 90mL) of

acetone per 10 gallons gasoline. Hopefully this could get me a bit

more milage.

A minor note, the car felt a bit more "energetic" at the 2.5oz dose

level. But since its only a "seat of the pants" feeling, I can't

really verify any real gains in terms of performance.

I bought my current supply of pure acetone from Unimart in

Greenhills. Price is at P12.50 per 120mL plastic bottle.


email: leslie_d_sy{at}

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