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'Josh Shilling's Report of Directory:Acetone as a Fuel Additive Effect on Mileage and Performance'


April 17, 2005

I have a 99 Mercury Cougar 2.0L 4 cyl / automatic w/ 105k miles.

Over the past 1500 miles, my average mileage has been 29.2 mpg,

calculated based on gallons added and odometer reading. The car also

has in-dash mileage guage w/ trip and average feature.

My lowest mileage reading in the last 1500 miles was 27.7 mpg for a

200 mile interval. My highest reading has been 31.6, with 88 octane

instead of 87. With 87 octane, the normal range is 29 to 30 mpg


Last Friday I filled up with 87 octane from the usual station by my

house. I added 3.0 oz. acetone. My tank holds a maximum of 14.7

gallons even though the manual lists 14.0 miles as the capacity.

Alcohol is not added to the fuel according to the station owner.

My initial results over the last 200 miles interval are 26 mpg,

which I consider horrible in the Cougar- with just 87 octane, I can

average 27 mpg going 90 plus miles per hour on the interstate on a

long road trip. Driving routes are unchanged, with a mixture of 80%

highway and 20% city. Air conditioner use is normal percentage, 10-


Today I reset the ECU just in case the ECU is not able to compensate

this rapidly however my knowledge of EEC-V tells me that the ECU

should be able to modify changes to long term and short term fuel

trim tables in the indicated cells within 50 miles (1 hour) at a

normal throttle position and load value. I plan to log data over the

next 200 miles and return to normal 87 to see if there is perhaps a

mechanical problem, which I doubt.


I have a comment on many of the results posted here that contain to

much 'car feels better' or 'smells better' type of results. I would

like to see someone display a difference in long-term fuel trim

tables showing use of acetone versus normal fuel. Such results could

be easily and relatively cheaply obtained using a product such as

CarChip E/X or ElmScan. A comparison of similar load values, and

fuel pulse widths would provide a definitive result on the use of


My initial impression is that any mileage increases have been

produced by people driving to save gas, as I am startled by the

reduction in my mileage and I always drive to save gas (except on

road trips).



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