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Directory:Acetone:Jim Bolf's Dodge Ram

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'Jim Bolf's Report of Directory:Acetone as a Fuel Additive Effect on Mileage and Performance in his Dodge Ram'



make & model of car: 1989, 2.0 liter, 4 cyl sohc, 5 speed transmission, Dodge Ram50 (Mitsubishi), 206,000 miles

ratio of acetone used: 3 oz per 10 gal 87 octane gasoline

mileage before: 23-25

mileage after: 28-29

number of miles tested 1800 (?)

other observations: better idle, engine runs smoother,

Individual Reports

May 24, 2005

I live at 7000 feet elevation. I never get lower than 5000 feet nor higher than 8046 feet. The mean average would probably be just on 7000. Almost all driving is done on hills. Very few flat spots. (I ride a bicycle for thousands of miles each year and I can assure you that flat spots are very few and far between) Wind is a constant. Sometimes at the 60 mph level.

The digusting item that mitsubishi calls a carburetor is running on one barrel. The other has been plugged off due to extremely rich mixture. (Due to the complexity of the carb, I decided to stay with the plug until I replace the piece of junk with the kit from another carb manufacturer)(Even professional carb rebuilders in the Phoenix area refuse to touch the thing)

I have noticed more power on the hills. Easy to judge because I know where my shift points are.

I have run 3 tanks with acetone, 1 tank without, and 2 more tanks with acetone. The extra mileage is definitely there. The one tank in the middle without acetone immediately dropped back to 24.5 mpg and the following tank immediately went back up to 28.5. The last tank was 29 mpg. I always use Chevron 87 octane. I think that all the stations that I use are out of winter fuel now and have the higher performance summer fuel. I'm hoping to get about 30 mpg during the summer.

Sometimes I use a little less than 3 oz/10 gals because I don't want to bother with the computation of "how many ozs to use with 1.5 gals" I have nothing that would measure that accurately anyway.

I hope this isn't harming the engine. I have 206,000 miles on this thing and I still only burn about 1 qt of oil every 5000 miles. I do drive conservatively but when climbing some of these long steep hills you can only put it in third and keep the pedal to the floor.


email: jbolf38{at}

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