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'James Jancik's Report of Directory:Acetone as a Fuel Additive Effect on Mileage and Performance in his Semi Trailor Truck'

Talk show host trying it out on a Freightliner/Caterpillar diesel engine. Scott Truck Systems, unit 896, with permission.

Image:James Truck unit896.jpg

About James

James Arthur Jancik is a radio talk show host for the "Feet to the Fire" program. He hosts the weekly broadcast by PES Network Inc Executive Director, Sterling D. Allan: "This Week in Free Energy."

On the side, he does some semi truck driving. With the reports coming in on the effects of using acetone as an additive, he received permission from the owner of his truck to try it out. It has a Freightliner/Caterpillar diesel engine.



Freightliner/Caterpillar diesel engine with Scott Truck Systems

Pre-acetone 2005 average : 6.1 mpg (3-month average)

Adding 2 ounces per 10 gallons.

Post-acetone average

: 570 miles 86.82 gals 6.59mpg

: 665 miles 101.03 gals 6.58mpg

: 860 miles 144.46 gals 5.95mpg

: 697miles 96.70 gals 7.20mpg

: 845 miles 130.6 gals 6.47 mpg

: 1182 miles 171.75 gals 6.88 mpg

: 428 miles 74.88 gals 5.71 mpg

(may have recorded mileage wrong)

(many hours of idling and many miles of rush hour stop and go traffic)


Comes to 6.2% increase

5,247 total miles per 806.24 total gallons

Gallons saved per 5,247 miles: 54 gallons.

Also noted: "running smooth and powerful" (subjective)

Individual Reports

March 25, 2005

I am reading the letters, and preparing to introduce acetone to my Freightliner/Caterpillar diesel engine.

April 2, 2005

started the Acetone in my diesel truck this week

April 3, 2005

From: James Arthur Jancik

Sent: Sunday, April 03, 2005 1:37 PM

Subject: [...] My Acetone comments

I started the Acetone in my truck... first use (500 some miles) shows a 8%-15% increase in mileage (depending on which milage figure from I use from my dispatcher for the last few months), smoother running, and seems to have more power. Using 2 ounces per 10 gallons. (though initial measurements, I forgot to include the space in the tank, and may have been a tad too rich. Future additions will be exact, as the pump says exactly how much fuel is added to allow accurate calculations for acetone amounts)

The problem with trucks is the weight of the load, the terrain (hills), the weather (head wind, or bad weather, thus lower gears/speed, engine idle to heat/cool cab while driver sleeps) Long highway trips or short congested rush hour city traffic trips, all are not constant and significantly affect the mileage. The best thing is to compare long term averages. Also, we can compare this truck against others in the fleet not using acetone.

The last quarter (Oct thru Dec 2004) was '5.7 mpg'. this first introduction of acetone yielded '6.6 mpg' for an increase of 15%. I will say, this last trip had would I would call an average amount of all of the conditions, so, it is encouraging.

Will keep you posted.


Savings Estimate

From: "James Arthur Jancik"


Sent: Sunday, April 03, 2005 3:50 PM

Subject: Acetone

Adding Acetone to truck #896

570 miles, took 86.8 gallons = 6.58 MPG. Old mpg on quarterly milage sheet was: 5.7

mpg for a 15.4% increase in mpg so... it took 15.4% less fuel to go 570 miles at $2.14

per gallon at last fillup, that saved 13.36 gallons and $28.59 if my math is correct.

The Jan (or Feb) posted MPG for #896 was 6.1 mpg, which, if that was the typical mpg,

would made the savings 8% or 7 gals and $14.98, but one month numbers are not as

accurate as longer averages, as they can not count gallons used due to the static

monthly calender use of data.

The actual cost for Acetone (from Walmart) is less then $12 per gallon, and for 86

gallons of diesel at (1 ounce acetone for 5 gallons diesel, recommend by LaPonte), you

need 17 onces for a cost of $1.50

We will see what happenes this next fillup.

April 10, 2005

From: "James Arthur Jancik"

Sent: Sunday, April 10, 2005 10:32 AM

Subject: Re: more acetone data?

Last weeks data:

570 miles 86.82 gals 6.59mpg (sent this to you already)

665 miles 101.03 gals 6.58mpg

860 miles 144.46 gals 5.95mpg

697miles 96.70 gals 7.20mpg

The last two entries seem odd, since both contain idle time, heavy loads and up/down

hill diving, yet show a significant difference in mpg. I checked my numbers, but perhaps I

wrote milage wrong? Next week will bring more data.

I checked with Scott Truck Systems, and their records show I have a 6.1 mpg pre-

acetone (2005) average, and the truck for 2004 had an average of 5.1 (with different


Still running smooth and powerful (though, I realize, the "more power" is more

subjective, then objective)

Partner Results Pending

My partner just completed a weeks of driving and recorded the MPG for his truck w/o

acetone and will add acetone next week. His results will be very good, as he will have a

week, before and after acetone, of driving on the same roads/route, same fuel station,

same roads/terrain, same driver, same/simular loads, etc. Will let you know at the end of

next week his results.

Question about Vapors

I have a question. Truck fuel tanks are not like cars in that they have vents to "breath."

So, when I first get to my truck, after sitting a day, I clearly smell the acetone. So:

1)- I assume the acetone evaporates over time, changing the real mix ratio. Is that significant?

2)- Is there a health risk to the amounts of acetone that may enter the cab, thus breathed by me?


1) If you are smelling acetone, then yes, it is evaporating faster than the fuel in general, and yes, this will effect your mixture ratio. It would take a chemist to quantify the exact rate of evaporation. A computer model might also be able to predict this fairly accurately. It will be good to get this information to factor it in. -- Sterling

2) I would think that there is enough fresh air mixing and breeze wafting the fumes away that the vapor inhalation would not be of a level that would be of concern. Generally, speaking, I would think that truckers are exposed to more gas and emissions fumes than is healthy, and that the improvement on emissions would override the acetone vapors from the fuel tank, so that the sum effect of acetone in the fuel would be in the direction of beneficial as far as health is concerned (less detrimental than without acetone). -- Sterling

April 15, 2005

Latest data:

895 miles, 130.6 Gals 6.47 mpg (with 10 hours idle time... more than other times.)

(Recapping the 3 month average w/o Acetone with me driving this truck was 6.1... adding acetone averages ~6.6)

Many say idling a diesel engine semi, using aprox 1 gall per hour. If that is true, the corrected MPG of driving would be 7.2 mpg.

What is also good to note. That, even when at idle, you are saving money.

What will be good, is my partner is accumulating 2 weeks of driving his semi without Acetone on the same route, with same fuel station, and same weights all on the same engine with the same driver. Then he will add acetone at the recommended 1 once per 5 gallon of diesel and do the same.

His will be about as good scientific we can run outside the lab.


April 23, 2005

Here is my latest data (I may have sent you some of these numbers already), and attached is a pic of my truck.

697 miles 96.70 gals 7.21 mpg

845 miles 130.6 gals 6.47 mpg

1182 miles 171.75 gals 6.88 mpg

428 miles 74.88 gals 5.71 mpg

- The last number relfex many hours of idling and many miles of rush hour stop and go traffic.

Partner's Results

My partner drives the same route (not as James, but the same route every trip), and fills up on the same days at the same fuel stop. He mentioned on the phone, he normally puts 90 gallons in his truck on Fridays, and this week put 80 gallons (forgot the fractional gallons) for a savings of approx 11%. I will send you the offical numbers after next weeks runs. Then we will have 2 weeks before and two weeks after adding Acetone.


James Arthur Jancik

: email: blknight{at}innersites{dot}com

: website:

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