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'NRG-Wise's Report of Directory:Acetone as a Fuel Additive Effect on Mileage and Performance'


The mileage tests that I have performed with this truck are city commuting miles only. Roughly 14 miles per day on the freeway going 65 and 6 miles per day on surface streets 0 - 40 mph.


make & model of car : 2002 Ford F-250 Powerstroke with 7.3 liter Turbo Diesel

ratio(s) of acetone used (oz / 10 gal) : @ 2oz/10 gal = 5.5 oz per 29 gal tank

mileage before : 17 city

mileage after : 15.3 city

number of miles tested : 409

other observations : This truck burns relatively clean for a diesel. Before adding acetone I would occasionally get a puff of black smoke only when I tromped on the accelerator. After adding acetone it seems to have smooth power and no black smoke what-so-ever.

Individual Reports

May 05, 2005

Just completed a round trip from Albuquerque, NM to Las Vegas, NV and back. Here are results with and without Acetone added. Conclusion: Hard to tell any difference. Will run this tank out and try a few more city tests.


||Miles traveled || |Gallons used || |MPG || |Comments


||145.4 || |7.074 || |20.554 || |(ABQ - Gallup, NM) only residual acetone


||148.6 || |6.253 || |23.765 || |(Gallup - Winslow)


||207.4 || |12.04 || |17.226 || |(Winslow - Kingman)


||301.2 || |15.318 || |19.663 || |(Kingman - Vegas - Kingman) City driving in Vegas


|| || | || | || |Added 4 oz Acetone at this stop


||207.5 || |10.257 || |20.230 || |(Kingman - Winslow)


||148.2 || |8.699 || |17.036 || |(Winslow - Gallup)


|| || | || | || |(Gallup - ABQ) Still driving on this tank, will update next fill-up


I started the trip out with only residual acetone in the tank from my last fill-up. I always get great mileage from the fuel from the Travel Station 17 miles East of Gallup the station is located right across the street from a refinery. However, in the past, the best mileage I've ever achieved out of Gallup was just over 21 mpg, so maybe there was enough acetone to make a difference, I just don't know how much was in there. Likewise, I always get the worst mileage from the Pilot station just off I-40 in Winslow.

April 19, 2005

Previous acetone tests on this vehicle have netted a loss in overall mileage. I may have been using too much acetone, so I ran a few tanks through without any acetone. This last tank-full I added the correct amount (5.5 oz per 29 gal) and got 15.3 mpg. This is after I corrected the amount that I actually filled up with by adding .043 gallons (this is the amount of acetone I added).



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