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'Evans N.'s Report of Directory:Acetone as a Fuel Additive Effect on Mileage and Performance in Ford Aspire 1996 1.3L 2 door'


(moved from main Acetone index page to individual page Dec. 31, 2005)

Overview: Generally improved performance. However, new oil leak developed, then ended.


make & model of car: Ford Aspire 1996 1.3L 2 door

ratio(s) of acetone used: 2 oz / 10 gal

mileage before: 112,300

mileage after:

number of miles tested: 10 fill-ups

other observations: no knocking performance appears to be good oil leak developed then ended

Individual Reports

Dec. 24, 2006

Added Acetone 2oz/10 gallons. The engine began leaking some oil. I have only driven 50 miles and there is no knocking and performance appears to be good. Oil leakage is very disconcerting. I have not had a leak in over 15 years with any of my cars.

Dec. 25, 2005

There were leaks on garage floor and seeps on the engine. There was 2% residual ethanol (we have 10% ethanol locally) and leaks occurred before and after changing oil.

Dec. 27, 2005

I cleaned the engine, and leaks have ended except for leak from rocker arm cover. I can not tell yet what the mpg is but I have been running tests for the last 10 fill ups that can be used for comparison. Will update (1/2/2006) when I refill again.

Jan. 4, 2006

Have filled tank (300 miles and 3/4 tank) first time. Calculation only showed about 1% improvement which is within error range. Although not very accurate, the odometer vs fuel guage appeared to show very good results equivalent to 20% increase until about 3/8 of a tank and then dropped off rapidly. This did not happen with only regular gasoline. Perhaps evaporation in the gas tank might have an effect as fuel is used. Plan to test with three tanks full. Wondering if there is a way to meter acetone into the gas line between the fuel tank and fuel injectors.

Jan. 17, 2006

Now have 4 fillups and have calculated average for them. Gas mileage increase was 2% far below the 20% value. I suspect that this is a good number but unfortunately the gasoline station switched from Amoco to Conoco gas when I first filled the tank and used acetone. It is the same gasoline with different additives. I am running another tank with acetone.

Feb. 10, 2006

The previous test became invalidated as the gas station did change to 10% ethanol. It probably occurred at the time I started to add acetone. I have switched to a Shell station. So far, the results are about the same and I am concerned as to whether it is truly 100% gasoline. By law a sign is required. I intend to run 3 tanks with acetone. I may have to move to another station but we will see.


Evans N. (email ...)

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