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Directory:Acetone:Ford Aspire 1996 2 door

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I have read all the info about Directory:Acetone as a Fuel Additive and decided that I would try it on my 1996 Ford Aspire, 2 door. The first thing I noticed about the people that had negative mpg results is that they did not do a long term study of their fuel economy. One or two tanks of gas is not going to show anything because of all of the possible variables.

I commute about 120 miles a day (60 Miles to, 60 miles home) half at 55mph and half at 65mph. I don't use this car for much else (maybe 10 miles per tank of gas). As a result, I feel that this is a very accurate long term test. I have done my best to stay at the above speed limits, though my Aspire cruises best at 70mph. I started my baseline calculations on 1/10/07 with a fill up at the Space Age in Stanfield, OR. This is the stations that I got 30 out of the 36 fill ups so far. I tried to stick with the same stations but forgot to stop a few times and had to get it somewhere else.

My baseline was a total of 3093 miles from 1/10/07 to 2/9/07. I averaged 28.16 mpg

I then started adding 2 oz. per 10 gal of fuel for 1971 miles (9 fill ups) from 2/9/07 to 3/3/07. My mileage increased to 30.63mpg, + 8.77% over baseline.

I increased to 2.5 oz. per 10 gal of fuel for 2228 miles (9 fill ups) from 3/3/07 to 3/30/07. My mileage increased to 31.05 mpg, +10.26% over baseline.

I increased to 3.0 oz. per 10 gal of fuel for 2360 miles (10 fill ups, I forgot to increase it .5) from 3/30/07 to 4/27/07. My mileage increased to 31.54 mpg, + 12.00% over baseline.

The outside temp has warmed up since I started but I don't think that would have increased mileage by 12%. I am increasing the acetone to 3.5 oz per 10 gal now and will post the results as I finish a 9 fill up group. After I am done with that I will do another baseline with the warmer outside temp.

--Harrytheface 18:23, 12 May 2007 (EDT)