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'M.R.'s Report of Directory:Acetone as a Fuel Additive Effect on Mileage and Performance'


April 4, 2005

(Originally posted to the "Talk:Directory:Acetone as a Fuel Additive" page for the main index. Moved to separate page by SilverThunder April 10.)

After having just a bit of remaining doubt allayed regarding potential harm to fuel sytem components....I decided to plunge ahead with my own testing.

Dodge Grand Caravan

I am happy to report that, at a ratio of 2.8oz. per 10 gallons of premium gasoline, I have enjoyed a 12mpg increase in efficiency in my Dodge Grand Caravan. Of course, in perspective, the high mileage engine was getting substandard mileage (16mpg with ethanol fuel) and the recent plug change and the addition of a pure petroleum oil additive (to control 'blow-by') are contributing factors. Regardless, the mileage now, at 28/29mpg seems to be giving the old wagon a new I can only hope lasts awhile! The power increase is impressive as well. The engine fires up like a Goddard rocket when the key is turned and I couldn't be more pleased.....well ok, I admit that a set of Robert Krupa's Firestorm spark plug to boot, might eke a bit more emotionalism out of me!

The van has 202,329 miles on it and I was able to put it through it's paces like a new rental, without compunction.

95 Pontiac Bonneville

And the Bonneville....the Bonny lass is going to have the gas pedal adjusted if this keeps up...Or I'm in for a few speeding citations! Tentatively, I will project that the MPG increase will prove to be 10mpg or so for the Bonny....I suspect that I am a bit rich yet at 3oz to 10gallons.


It seems valid that for each model/condition of automobile, there will be a narrow optimum sweet spot as to ratio. Is this a function of variable droplet size in fuel delivery to the cylinder as per condition of injectors? In part, I suspect as much. Of course there are a few such variables to consider in maximizing one's results. Surely older, less efficient fuel delivery systems will benefit most by this method. As we are dealing with such variables as Pressure, Orifice size, spark plug type/spark geometry, type of gas...etc. I would expect that those newer autos with fuel injection systems in optimum condition, using premium gasoline to begin with, would see the least gains. Of course, I could be way off here and and am no fuel expert by any means. I am, however, salivating at the whisp of a prospect to one day try the Firestorm plug with acetone enhanced gasoline!

One consideration of note: I noticed a 40 mile per tank increase in mileage simply by switching from 10% ethanol gas to BP premium gasoline. I have simply found no other gasoline that performs like it. Well worth the couple bucks per tank extra I have been paying as of late. I am wont for going back to ethanol just to see the extent of disparity of efficiency provided by acetone under such condition.

Of course....I wouldn't mind owning a Honda Kiwami either!....but as long as they fart around with pressurized hydrogen and other wasted efforts instead of fracturing H2O at or near the cylinder and therefore avoid high priced and complex pressurization issues....I will remain simply 'aesthetically interested'.


In testing the additive in your own vehicle...the performance curve is steep, with a narrow peak definitely worth laborious determinative efforts, if needs be.



You will always get better gas mileage with the straight gas vs. gasahol because the alcohol dilutes the BTU's in the gas. And since an automobile engine is a BTU burner you will lose 5-10% in MPG. Try adding K-1 kerosene to your gas or gasahol. I've added 1 gallon per 10 gallons in my gas to offset the alcohol effect, and it cleans your fuel system at the same time. Try it.

General Comments

High Mileage

Acetone is an absolute boon to high mileage cars! I am wondering at this moment how much it affects the octane rating as well.

I am half tempted to copy Kruppa's plug design for use in my own vehicles!

Acetone appears to benefit a wide variety of automobiles....but it really shines in those cars with higher mileage with a greater disparity of performance from when they were once new to their current, aged conditions. I am certain that the increased vigor of combustion is helping to compensate for worn rings and other losses commensurate with age.




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