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'PDabin's Report of Directory:Acetone as a Fuel Additive Effect on Mileage and Performance in his Daewoo Cielo 1997'


I have found this very useful and have been influencing freinds, family and workmates to also try. I have found that getting exactly the right amount of acetone and making sure NOT to go over about 2 mils per litre in my car is the most important fact. one filling I lost count ( I was using a 5ml measure to dose out the acetone (very slowly) and I put too much and my petrol usage went to about 480 on that 45litres which was 40 ks a tank worse than filling without the addition of acetone. I started off with around 1 mil per litre when adding the acetone and built up to what I believe to be a fairly optimum dosage for my car which is 75mls when adding 45 litres of unleaded petrol 91 ron.


daewoo cielo 1997 gl 2 valve per cylinder 1.5 - 4 cylinder

just under 2ml to each litre (sorry I'm in australia so its metric here) usually fill 45 litres each fill and use about 75mls

with unleaded petrol only 520kms (I'm quite thrifty with the accelerator)

with acetone added over 620 kms

I've done about 5000kms since starting to use acetone

the car definitely has more torque it will pull from 90kms an hour in 5th gear where I have to be doing 110 to change to 5th prior to using acetone, no ill effects the car runs great and the tail pipe is clean

Individual Reports

January 09, 2006

started test about 6 months ago


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