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Directory:Acetone:bill delong:Tacoma


make & model of car - 2007 Toyota Tacoma - V6 PreRunner SR5 2WD Quad-Cab

ratio(s) of acetone used (oz / 10 gal) - 1 oz / 10 gal every other tank of gas

mileage before - 20

mileage after - 19

number of miles tested - 2,000+

other observations (power, idle, exhaust) - No obvious performance changes

gasoline used - Wal-Mart, Austin, TX : 87 octane

I am really shocked because I used to put acetone in my 2003 Highlander and did see a 10% gain on my mileage but I am confused why I can't get the same effect on the Tacoma. The main difference between the two cars is that the Tacoma has a V6 engine where the Highlander had a 4 cylinder.

Individual Reports

Mar 4, 2010

This will be my final post. I recently noticed that the gas stations have been adding "Ethanol" in my area, this eliminates the benefits of Acetone so I will not be able to provide any further testing =(

Mar 8, 2007

Tank MPG Function Tested

---- --- --------------------------

1 18 Tailgate Up - No Acetone

2 20 Tailgate Up - No Acetone

3 20 Tailgate Up - No Acetone

4 19 Tailgate Up - 1 Oz Acetone

5 18 Tailgate Up - 2 Oz Acetone

6 21 Tailgate Up - No Acetone

7 20 Tailgate Up - No Acetone

Feb 23, 2007

Just bought a 2007 Tacoma on Feb 14,2007 with only 14 miles on it. I plan to break in the engine first and then guage an accurate "before" mileage test before adding acetone. So far, my first tank of gas yielded 17MPG then the next two subsequent tanks were 20MPG respectively. I also plan to experiment with tail gate up/down theories as well as buying a tonau cover to see how air flow affects the mileage of my truck.



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