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'Bill Delong's Report of Directory:Acetone as a Fuel Additive Effect on Mileage and Performance'


make & model of car - 2003 Toyota Highlander - 4 cylinder

ratio(s) of acetone used (oz / 10 gal) - 1 oz / 10 gal every other tank of gas

mileage before (city/hwy) - 20/22

mileage after (city/hwy) - 23/25

number of miles tested - 30,000+

other observations (power, idle, exhaust) - Engine runs smoother and mid power range seems to have slightly better performance.

gasoline used - Sam's Club, Austin, TX : 87 octane

Chevron vs Sam's Club Gasoline - I found that Chevron yields the best mileage, almost 0.5MPG better than any other brand, but since I can get Sam's Club gas for on average 7ยข less per gallon the price difference is almost splitting hairs but Sam's just edges out the competition when you do the following math

Sam's - 300 Miles @ 22 MPG consumes 13.64 GAL @ $2.70/GAL = $36.83/Tank

Chevron - 300 Miles @ 22.5 MPG consumes 13.33 GAL @ $2.77/GAL = $36.92/Tank

As the price of gas goes up past $3/GAL it will be better to buy Chevron unless Sam's increases their discount...

Individual Reports

Mar 4, 2010

This will be my final post. I had been using Acetone in my 2007 Tacoma for a while and was not seeing the same effects that I was getting on my Highlander. I'm not sure when the switch occurred but I just noticed that all of the gas stations in my area have been adding "Ethanol" which cancels the effects of acetone... what a shame =(

Feb 23, 2007

Just traded in my Highlander last week for a Tacoma, therefore my testing has been suspended. I do plan to start testing acetone on the new truck after the engine breaks in and will start a new thread with before/after results on a separate page: Tacoma

Nov 17, 2006

Acetone doesn't seem have any effect one way or the other when mixed in R/C fuels, I think the engines already burn as efficiently as possible and the performance is already maxed out with 30% Nitro. Weedeater seems to run a little smoother and can idle much longer and rarely stalls out now but it's impossible to gueess how much more efficient it runs because I might take a whole year to go through a gallon of mix. Haven't used the power washer yet, but I have noted that a single tank runs for about 45 minutes without any acetone. I should be running this experiment sometime in January which is when I plan to powerwash and stain my fence. I am pretty much sticking with 1 oz / 10 gal ratio which seems to be the most effective.

Sep 5, 2006

I now put acetone in everything from my gas powered R/C cars and planes to my weedeater and powerwasher. So far, nothing has gone wrong though no drastically noticable improvements have been noted yet. I am still trying to figure the correct amount to add as each engine is very specific and requires VERY little amounts of acetone...

May 19, 2006

Still using acetone after a solid 6 months of testing and my car couldn't be running any better. I recently had an emissions test run against it which is a new thing in my city. I didn't have any prior results to compare but the technician said he had to run the test several times because the PPM results were far lower than he is used to seeing! I now put acetone in my lawn mower and can't believe the results. It used to smoke when first starting the engine and now there's very little smoke if any at all. It always started on the first pull, but I could swear that I don't have to pull the cord nearly as hard to crank the engine now. It's almost impossible to calculate the mileage because one tank of gas was always enough to do both the front and back yard, but the tank was pretty close to empty each time. Now there seems to be over a quarter tank of gas or roughly 20% more fuel left in the tank when I refuel the mower. The mower also runs a lot smoother than before but the cut still looks the same )

January 26, 2006

The "ECU" (aka Computer) just had to be replaced on my car. Fortunately the repair was covered under the dealer's 8yr/80K mile drivetrain warranty but I am not sure if using acetone may have indirectly caused this part to prematurely fail. I highly doubt it because fuel shouldn't come into any contact with the computer itself. The dealer said that this was fairly common repair for a car that has 63K miles. I did not see any need to mention to the dealer that I've been using acetone.

December 6, 2005

This will probably be my last post for a while as it seems that best results achieved are with 1oz/10gal every other tank of gas. My city/hwy mileage is around 23/25 now and I couldn't be happier with the results.

November 28, 2005

After running a couple more tanks of acetone, I am back up to 23.5 MPG by only using 0.5oz/10 gal. I seem to get the same mileage at 1oz/10 gal and then it starts to decline at 2oz/10gal

November 7, 2005

I've gone through two more tanks of gas without adding any acetone and the mileage has stagnated at 21.5 MPG. I will add smaller amounts of acetone starting with 0.5 oz / 10 gal and add 0.25 oz on each subsequent tank in hopes of getting higher than 23.5 MPG. I've also noticed that the engine doesn't seem to run as smooth now that I've stopped running acetone for several tanks.

October 27, 2005

I decided not to put any acetone in the last tank of gas and averaged 23.5 MPG. I am going to see how many tanks of gas it takes before the mileage drops back down to 20 MPG and then I'll gradually add acetone again

October 21, 2005

Just finished my 4th tank and averaged 21.5 MPG again. I think the mixture is too rich still and did not put any acetone for the 5th tank. If the mileage goes up, then I will start at 0.5 oz / 10 gal and see if that makes any difference

October 15, 2005

My 3rd tank of gas I mixed 3 oz / 10 gal to see if I would get better results and my mileage dropped to 21.5 MPG which is almost the mileage that I get without any acetone. I think I'll back off to 1 oz / 10 gal and try to find the sweet spot for my car.

October 12, 2005

The "Check Engine" light just went off so I am thinking that I didn't properly seal the gas cap. This happened one other time, long before I ever did any acetone testing. Without any professional testing equipment, I can't really tell any difference overall after starting into my third tank, however I am refilling after 10 gallons each time or technically 1/2 tank so maybe I need to be a little more patient before expecting to see better results...

October 11, 2005

Just finished my second tank of gas and it averaged 23.5 MPG for the tank, however the "Check Engine" light came on. I am not sure if it's because I may have not properly installed the gas cap or if the acetone is causing the computer to raise an alert but it still seems to run smooth on 87 octane without any knocking or pinging. I might suspend testing if the light doesn't go out by the end of my 3rd tank of gas.

October 4, 2005

Just started testing and finished the first tank of gas with acetone and averaged 22.5 MPG. The car used to get 22/24 MPG when I first bought it, however I recently put larger tires on it and noticed a drop in mileage to 20/22 MPG. Tires used to be 225's and now it has 245's. It feels like the mid-range acceleration has improved but the car has always been smooth everywhere else in performance as well as the emissions that it puts out. I will likely try this in my lawn mower and work truck if my testing proves successful.



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