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Directory:Access Solar by Randy Tolbert

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Access Solar

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Licensed installer, Randy Tolbert, of Mt. Pleasant, UT, USA, founded Access Solar in (about 20 years ago).

He specializes in the following solar technology installations:


Pool Heat

Home Heat

Hot Water

Well Pumps

Listings - Access Solar is listed on this UT website.

Wholesale Representation

Randy has a dealership relationship with the following wholesale companies.

Image:AEESolar wholesale distribution collage jp70.jpg

AEE Solar, founded in 1979 as Alternative Energy Engineering by David Katz, CEO, began with the goal of bringing renewable, non-polluting power to homes and businesses in the northern California coastal redwood region. Over the years their vision and scope have steadily expanded, together with the technological advances and rapid growth of the renewable energy industry itself. Today they sell exclusively wholesale, shipping reliable, proven products and providing expert technical support to renewable energy resellers, contractors, integrators and installers in North America and around the world.

Image:Heliocol residential pool-heat 200.jpg - pool heating systems

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Since 1977, Heliocol has manufactured the highest-quality solar pool heating system in the world. Over 200,000 Heliocol customers worldwide enjoy a longer swimming season with free heat from the sun. Heliocol systems heat swimming pools in all types of climatic conditions, from hot and arid climates like those found in the Mohave Desert of Arizona, to cold, harsh climates including the Swiss Alps and Northern Canada.

Randy's Solar Guest House

Image:Tolbert guest house 091002 sq 300.jpg

Posted by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan Oct. 27, 2009 regarding the There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] Sterling will be building:

While we are planning our design, finding land to build on, then building our home, we will be renting from our friend, Randy Tolbert. He has a solar guest house that he is renting to us for a very reasonable price. It will be a good interim step for us as we prepare to go the next step. It is heated by solar thermal via radiant flooring, and has a small photovoltaic system for the water pump. His home next door has the works, and is a beautiful design.

We love the radiant flooring. It's a very comfortable heat and uses less energy. The solar-heated water tank is topped off by a propane heater if needed. There are also plenty of south-facing windows to heat things up more during the day. Solar thermal is the most efficient Solar technology because much more of the sun's energy can be converted to usable energy than other forms of solar conversion such as photovoltaic.

I'm sure we'll be leaning on his knowledge in planning and building our home. And I'll have a chance to roll up my sleeves in a few solar installs with him to learn the minutia of residential solar power. Around a decade ago, Randy showed me the ropes for wiring a solar home addition my dad built (no PV). Randy helped install my dad's solar thermal system. See


Randy Tolbert

PO Box 364

Mt. Pleasant, UT 84647

phone: 435-462-2856

cell: 435-851-9961

email: []