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Directory:Abiotic Oil

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Addressing the theory and evidence that oil is not solely of organic origin, but that there may be another mode of origin as well from deeper in the crust, involving magma.

Sterling's Preface:

There is a substantial body of evidence to support this theory. That does not negate, however, the quest for getting away from dependence on fossil fuels. Now that the world has achieved a consciousness about how we treat our planet, this news that we are not so far from depleting our oil reserves is a welcome breath of fresh air, removing some of the panic effect that can foster unrest. -- Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan


Image:Leroy Fletcher Prouty origin-of-oil 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Abiotic Oil > The Origin of Oil -- Leroy Fletcher Prouty Jr. Colonel, USAF - In 1892, a scientific convention declared oil to be of organic origin because of its C, O, H composition. The resulting scarcity mentality tied into the idea of limited "fossil fuels" has served the industry well to drive up the price even though they routinely harvest oil well below 16,000 feet, which is the deepest that fossils have ever been found. (YouTube Apr. 20, 2010)
Image:300px-Grand prismatic spring95x95.jpg

Fossil - Who came up with the theory/concept/idea that petroleum-based products came from the dead remains of dinosaurs (dino-juice)? (MacCompanion Apr. 2008)

Supporting Evidence

Image:Bacteria in gabbroic layer 95x95.jpg
Directory:Oil > Directory:Abiotic Oil > Deep bacteria provide scientific basis for magma oil - "This deep biosphere is a very important discovery," says Rolf Pedersen of the University of Bergen, Norway. He points out that the reactions that produce oil and gas abiotically inside the crust could happen in the mantle, meaning life may be thriving deeper yet. (New Scientist November 18, 2010)
Image:Strike oil 95x95.jpg

Fossils From Animals And Plants Are Not Necessary For Crude Oil And Natural Gas - Researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden have managed to prove that fossils from animals and plants are not necessary for crude oil and natural gas to be generated. They simulated the process involving pressure and heat that occurs naturally in the inner layers of the earth, showing that the process generates hydrocarbon, the primary component in oil and natural gas. (Science Daily Sep. 12, 2009)

Image:Abiotic hydrocarbons Kolesnikov Kutcherov 95x95.jpg

Hydrocarbons in the deep Earth? - Scientists have debated whether some hydrocarbons could have been created deeper in the Earth and formed without organic matter. Now, they have found that ethane and heavier hydrocarbons can be synthesized under the pressure-temperature conditions of the upper mantle -the layer of Earth under the crust and on top of the core. (PhysOrg July 26, 2009)

Image:Peakoil graph scandia 95x95.jpg

Renewable Coal, Oil and Gas - Hydrocarbons of Geological Origin - There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] contended that oil is not a limited resource, and that oil, natural gas and coal, are not so-called "fossil fuels." Reality is probably a combination of both. The operative question is: In what proportions? (Congress:Member:Sepp Hasslberger Nov. 6, 2008)

Oil being discovered at 30,000 feet, far below the 18,000 feet where organic matter is no longer found.

Wells pumped dry later replenished.

Volume of oil pumped thus far not accountable from organic material alone according to present models.

In Situ production of methane under the conditions that exist in the Earth's upper mantle. (PhysicsWeb Sept. 14, 2004)

Out of this World

'''Titian's Moon

Image:Saturn Titan 95x95.jpg

Titan's Organic Hydrocarbons Dwarf Earth's Oil Reserves - Data from the Cassini probe orbiting Saturn has shown that the ringed planet's moon has "hundreds of times more liquid hydrocarbons than all the known oil and natural gas reserves on Earth." (Wired Feb. 13, 2008)

Image:Saturn moon Titan NASA 95x95.jpg

'Fossil fuel' theory takes hit with NASA finding - NASA scientists are about to publish conclusive studies showing abundant methane of a non-biologic nature is found on Saturn's giant moon Titan, a finding that validates a new book's contention that oil is not a fossil fuel. (World Net Daily Dec. 1, 2005)

Other Abiotic Oil Articles

Is tectonic activity the real source of oil? - The late astrophysicist Thomas Gold, in "The Deep Hot Biosphere," theorized that oil is actually produced continuously within the earth by microbial processes and pressure from tectonic plates rather than by decomposition, as long believed. The recent Russian oil finds at depths of up to 40,000 ft tend to support this theory. (AutoblogGreen Apr. 20, 2008)

Forget everything you know about oil - (WND Oct 18, 2005)

Stalin and Abiotic Oil - Or How Ruppert's 'Peak Oil' Pile is Gaining Tonnage by Dave McGowan (Educate Yourself March 5, 2005)

Russia Proves 'Peak Oil' is a Misleading Scam - In 1970 the Russians started drilling Kola SG-3, an exploration well which finally reached a staggering world record depth of 40,230 feet. Since then, Russian oil majors including Yukos have quietly drilled more than 310 successful super-deep oil wells, and put them into production. Last Year Russia overtook Saudi Arabia as the world's biggest single oil producer, and is now set to completely dominate global oil production and sales for the next century.

'Oil Shock' Looming - What are the Alternatives? - "My conclusion is that there is much about oil (and natural gas) that we have not been told, including how much of the stuff is available, and how it continually develops, even to this day." At the end of the article is a list of sites and articles on peak oil, but the interesting part is a second list of the contrary view -- could oil reserves be virtually unlimited? (by Sepp Hasslberger, NEC 2004)

Sustainable Oil?- presents theory and evidence that oil is not solely of organic origin. ( July 10, 2004) a reprint of Sustainable Oil (WorldNetDaily May 25, 2004)

In situ Production of Inorganic-Derived Petroleum - Scientists in the US have witnessed the production of methane under the conditions that exist in the Earth's upper mantle for the first time. The experiments demonstrate that hydrocarbons could be formed inside the Earth via simple inorganic reactions -- and not just from the decomposition of living organisms as conventionally assumed -- and might therefore be more plentiful than previously thought. (PhysicsWeb Sept. 14, 2004)

Peak Oil: Can 3D Exploration Postpone The Peak? - Ability to find reserves more readily may postpone the "peak" phenomenon general discussion of "peak oil" factors. (Alt Energy Blog Sept. 23, 2004)

More Evidence For Sustainable Oil - ( July 10, 2004)

The origin of Hydrocarbons

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Confessions of an “ex - F William Engdahl says Peak Oil is not our problem. Politics is. Big Oil wants to sustain high oil prices. Reviews the discovery of abiotic oil. ( September 14, 2007)

'The Deep Hot Biosphere' - book by Thomas Gold 1999

'Black Gold Stranglehold' - book by Jerome R. Corsi and Craig R. Smith.


Cassinni Unlocking Saturn's Secrets


(6.16 Minutes) oil abiotic photo audio clip

'George interviews Jerome Corsi and Craig Smith pictures added from varioius websites. (YouTube June 10, 2008)

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In the News

Image:John-Truman-Wolfe Crisis-by-Design sq 95x95.jpg
Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:Global Warming > Directory:Climategate / Directory:Abiotic Oil / Directory:Biofuels > Directory:Biofuels:Cautions > Anatomy of a Massive Con Job! - John Truman Wolf does an excellent job explaining how the 'environmental crisis machine' was constructed and the con job it is. For example, Con #2: Oil is renewable Con #3: Global Warming on cooked data Con #4: The biofuel push results in deforestation, oxygen depletion, and dead zones in the oceans from nitrogen and other pollutants. (AntiCorruptionSociety July 14, 2012)

Huge natural gas field 'discovered' in Texas - (WND Nov. 30, 2005)

Abandoned oil wells uncapped - (WND Nov. 29, 2005)

'Black Gold' strikes Big Oil 'nerve' - (WND Nov. 17, 2005)

'Hundreds of years' of oil available - (WND Nov. 01, 2005)

Forget everything you know about oil - (WND Oct. 18, 2005)

Sustainable oil? - (WND May 25, 2004)


Origins of Petrolium

abiotic theory of petroleum

Gas Origin Theories To Be Studied - (Explorer November, 2002)

The Mystery Of Eugene Island 330 - (Science Frontiers Jul-Aug, 1999)

Odd Reservoir Off Louisiana Prods Oil Experts To Seek A Deeper Meaning - (Wall Street Journal Apr. 16, 1999)

Fuel's Paradise - (Wired July, 2000)

See also

Stranded Natural Gas - Conversion process is "like finding another Saudi Arabia." 1:3 conversion ration could potentially create 250 billion barrels of oil. Refundable newsletter subscription provides access to the pertinent company information. (FreeEnergyNews Feb. 11, 2005)


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