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Image:A2BE Algae at Work plant concept 300.jpg


A2BE Carbon Capture (Algae to Bio-Energy) is developing bio-secure, scalable, climate adaptive, and highly cost-effective technology for producing valuable fuel and food from CO2 using algal photosynthesis and bio-harvesting.

A2BE is building a collaborative group of select institutions, corporations, and key researchers to address the spectrum of talents and disciplines needed to rapidly commercialize a solution they are calling algae@work.


Official Website

How it Works

A2BE Carbon Capture is developing bio-secure, scalable, climate adaptive, and highly cost effective technology for producing valuable fuel and food from CO2 using algal photosynthesis and bio-harvesting. The core of this technology is embodied in the published US patent application 20070048848: “Method, apparatus and system for biodiesel production from algae" as well as a separate mechanical and a PCT patent application.

The A2BE Carbon Capture solution is unique in that it addresses carbon capture and recycle as well as the production of biofuels, animal feed protein, and fertilizer in a single integrated plant.

CO2 can originate from stationary sources such as fossil fuel fired power or heat plants, other types of biofuel plants producing ethanol from starch or cellulose, and CO2 from gasification/Fischer-Tropsch processes such as coal-to-liquids and natural gas-to-liquids.

At the core of the technology is the photo-bioreactor algae growing/harvesting (PBR) machine. Each PBR machine is 450’ long and 50’ wide consisting of twin 20’ wide x 10" deep x 400’ long, transparent plastic “algae water-beds".

Biomasss Summit presentation

Algae Oil for Jet Fuel Production Workshop - Strategic Road to Commercialization - Food and Fuel from Algae

Algal Carbon Capture & Recycle vs Sequestration (CC&R) provides a profitable and higher performing alternative to Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS underground burial of CO2)

Algae's Potential for Driving a Carbon Capture-and-Recycle Industry




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PBR Attributes include the following:

Each PBR is a closed photo-bioreactor with bio-isolation to prevent cross-contamination.

Each is piped CO2 and NOx bearing flue gas emissions or pure CO2 plus water and nutrients.

Each produces pure O2 and a concentrated slurry of biomass through piped manifolds.

PBR tubes are expendable in case of wearout or culture crash and are simply unrolled over an engineered base.

Multi-function rollers pump in both directions, re-suspend algae, degas media, and clean internal surfaces.

Parallel sets of counter-rotating helical currents within the bags photo modulate the light to the algae as they are carried up through the photo-tropic zone.

Fully enclosed system prevents water evaporation and percolation. Water consumption is only 3" of equivalent rainwater use per year.

Passive control of temperature extremes is achieved through a thermal radiation-conduction switching membrane within the bioreactor tubes.

Bio-harvesting aggregates algae cells into larger, more separable, organisms allowing in-situ extraction and continuous production w/o resorting to batch stressing.

Profitability is enhanced by the production of biofuel, protein, fertilizer, and methane.

Bio-terrorism protection is afforded through modular redundant array of bio-isolated closed bioreactors.


Food for animals and humans

Fuel for transportation

Independent Testing

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A2BE Carbon Capture has patented a system for biodiesel production from algae.

US patent application 20070048848 : “Method, apparatus and system for biodiesel production from algae" as well as a separate mechanical and a PCT patent application


Company: A2BE Carbon Capture, LLC
Image:A2BE logo.jpg

Jim Sears and Mark Allen founded A2BE Carbon Capture to take on the challenge of commercializing technologies that have meaningful prospects for rebalancing the carbon content of the atmosphere.

Such technologies must be capable of being sustainable deployed in developed and developing regions of the world and provide positive economic returns such that market mechanisms naturally employ CO2 emissions abatement for stationary industrial sources.

Inventor: Jim Sears

Based on patent pending technology developed by co-founder Jim Sears, and additional intellectual property from a select group of collaborating corporations, institutions, and individuals, we expect to move from pilot scale to full scale bioreactor operation within 24 months with our first carbon capture projects within 48 months (from 2008).


In the News

A2BE sees algae as option for biodiesel production - Two entrepreneurial engineers believe that "thinking like algae" will provide dependable domestic sources of diesel fuel and help address global climate change. (Boulder County Business Report Sept 28, 2007)

Biofuels firm founder starts company with bigger goals - ears, who founded and helped launch Solix Biofuels last year, left that company in January to start another with the same aim: to develop a process that would extract oil from algae on a commercially viable basis. (Northern Colorado Business Report'' August 3, 2007)

Other Coverage

There's Oil in That Slime


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A2BE Carbon Capture

2301 Panorama Ave.

Boulder, CO 80304

Fax: 303.541.9117

James T. Sears

Chief Technology Officer and President

E-Mail: []

p 303.541.9112

m 303.587.1733


Mark P. Allen, P.E.

Chief Executive Officer

E-Mail: []

p 303.904.9630

m 720.232.3260


Jeff Mettais

VP International Business Development

E-Mail: []

Mobile 303-906-5038


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