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Directory:323Niklas' RotoVerter

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Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

September 27, 2013

YouTube user, 323Niklas (Hendrik Gehlen), from Germany, has posted a couple of remarkable videos.

This is now the 29th self-looped motor-generator (Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over) system claim that I've encountered, though I'm not sure that this one claims that the output from the generator powers the input motor, with extra energy left over (hence the use of the letter Q, whose shape conveys that concept). But they do claim an input of 1.6 kW producing an output of 4.9 kW and it does involve a smaller motor powering a larger generator.

One thing I've not taken time to do yet is look into the whole Directory:Rotoverter paradigm by Hector Torez, as a possible variant of the QMoGen.

Deggory from Hong Kong brought this one to my attention as well.

In There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] to my questions, Hendrik said that while it illustrated some interesting things, he stopped the project for lack of adequate ability in electronics. He wasn't able to get it to self-loop, nor does he think he achieved overunity. But he does hope it will inspire others who are more capable, to take it further than he was able to.

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Roto Verter RV mal anders, in 1,6KW - out 4,9KW Blindstrom / rotoverter


Part 1: Roto Verter replica with a difference of 8 March 2013, Germany / Bremen. The reactive power can be increased up to 19.4 KW! Currently I have to make the problem of the generated power available. I need help and would appreciate video responses, etc.. Thanks to all of whom I could learn!(YouTube / 323Niklas June 18, 2013)

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Roto Verter RV (diagram)


Part 2... (YouTube / 323Niklas June 18, 2013)


On September 27, 2013 3:35 pm Mountain, I sent a series of questions to "Niklas" via YouTube. He responded about 24 hours later. Here are my questions with his responses in German translated by Google.

Hi Niklas,

: Hello Mr. Sterling,

: Thank you for your interest in my work. I have for years been a fan of your page!

: My name is Hendrik Niklas Gehlen. I live with my wife and 2 sons in Bremen / Germany.

: My attempt to copy the original Roto Verter has failed miserably. I must say that I have no education regarding electrical engineering or the like.

: My fascination with the topic of Free Energy is developed by [Directory:Daniel Dingel's Water Fuel Cell|Daniel Dingel]] before ~ 6 + years and have not subsided to this day.

I've watched your two RotoVerter YouTube videos and have created a feature page about this at Directory:323Niklas' RotoVerter

: Anticipation, I have no interest in this project to make money. I had just built only in passing, and hoped to power my house (did not work). I hope with this video to encourage other people to recreate it, to develop it further, to eventually create a truly free source of energy.

I've got a few questions for you, if you don't mind.

- Does your system self-loop (the output keeping the input running, with excess energy left over to use).

: No, the problem is with the output voltage and frequency (see video). I lack the knowledge, time and money to develop it further.

- What is the longest you've let this run continuously without stopping?

: 2 hours the generator is constant ~ 75°C hot.

- Approximately, how long have you let it run, total?

: 2 hours

- How many other people have personally witnessed this?

: 7 or 8 people, including an electrician who said it is reactive current.

- Could you give me the contact info for 2-3 witnesses that I could briefly interview?

: Witnesses would be difficult to obtain. None of these people can follow my thoughts ...

- Have you had it third-party tested?

: No.

- Would you be willing to share your schematic? parts list? instructions?

: No problem. I like parts of J. [bad translation?] The drive motor rotates twice as fast as the specified speed of the generator. Whether the engine is running in a Steinmetz connection or is connected directly to 3-phase, is the first attempt regardless. 40?f AC 450V submit a capacitor of about ~ between the star point (U2 -V2- W2) and L1 or L2 or L3 should order the "generator (50Hz 3KW)" to activate. The resonant circuit can also be fine-tuned (capacitor bank). For a B6U rectifier must be connected to the + terminal after starting to preserve the remanence of the stator. If you should have any questions just email. [replace {at}]

- How well does the system respond to changes in the load applied?

: The rotor thus loses its remanence at 2.5 kW load, no OU . (Halogen lamps connected in series to reduce the voltage of ~ 1100V DC for a B6U to ~ 275V). For a voltage converter or inverter I have no money left. I save a DrehmaschineJ .

- Do you have commercial plans for this?

: NO

: To my construction I have to say that my "current theory" of electricity by generators are superficial, and do not consider them mature.

: The generators of our time are "free energy machine" only just very inefficient. The change of the magnetic field would, in my opinion, increase the efficiency.


: Mr. Sterling, you had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Dingle? Or the inventor of the OS:Joe Cell:Template?

: My real interest lies in the H2O Orgone Cell. Do you have additional information or video images of the cells that are not public?

: I look forward to a response.

: Friendly greetings from Bremen

: Hendrik Gehlen

Sterling D. Allan,


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Image:323Niklas RotoVerter sq 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Electromagnetic > Directory:Motor-Generator Self-Looped with Usable Energy Left Over / Directory:Rotoverter > Directory:323Niklas' RotoVerter - YouTube user, 323Niklas, from Germany, has posted a couple of videos of his RotoVerter, claiming an input of 1.6 kW producing an output of 4.9 kW involving a smaller motor powering a larger generator. (PESWiki September 27, 2013)


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Hendrik Niklas Gehle

email: []

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