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Directory: (Calvin) Hoogerhyde Motors' Magnet Piston Engine

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Image:Hoogerhyde motor top 400.jpg
Image:Hoogerhyde motor 400.jpg

Compiled by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Pure Energy Systems News

June 4, 2013

Quoting, with permission, from, who conducted a phone interview with Calvin. (Slightly edited)

: "Calvin Hoogerhyde, now age 70, has invented a magnet force motor that shows some promising results. In our interview, Calvin told us that he’s been working on this concept for 25 years and has spent over $300k on the project. Throughout his 25 years of research, Calvin has continually improved his process and changed the basic design that we see today.

: "Mr. Hoogerhyde Sr. described to us his first three prototypes and some of their differences.

: "First off, let us describe the general idea behind the motor. The engine’s key movers are 4 very powerful magnets that are connected a main crank shaft and mounted on slide rails. Calvin’s original design’s drive magnets were relatively small but his latest version contains specialty magnets with 10,000 pounds of pulling force.

: "Just attempting to install these magnets could be detrimental to your health. The company that manufactured these magnets asked him what he was going to use them for, as they were the largest they had ever created.

: "These main drive magnets are mounted on slide rails between two switching electromagnets. A timing system toggles the poles of the electromagnets in series. This intricate timing system causes each magnetic piston to pull the connecting rods attached to the crank shaft. Much like a standard reciprocating engine design, the key to this motor is custom electromagnetic switching system.

: "The largest hurdle in switching a magnetic pole on and off quickly is the heat buildup that ensues. Calvin was able to design a multi-core electromagnet switch that he can switch on and off in a matter of milliseconds using relatively low power when compared to the size of the permanent magnets they are attracting.

: "Also one peculiarity with this motor design is an inverse power/torque curve. Due to the 200 millisecond magnetic field propagation time of magnets, the faster you switch each piston on and off, the less total attraction is achieved.

: "Calvin discussed his future plans to build a 12 cylinder variant that would allow shorter stroke gaps between each magnetic piston thus allowing for a more efficient harnessing cycle. In theory, the more pistons you add, and the bigger the permanent magnets, the more excess power you achieve. In one of Calvin’s videos, he is operating a 4 cylinder (technically it's 16 cylinders) variant that is attached to a 12,000 kvA wind turbine generator. Now the linkage between the motor and generator is connected to a gear reducer but the generator he’s using requires a massive amount of torque and operates normally between 0 and 120 rpm. "

Official Websites

About the Motor - "Coupled with innovative design, the Hoogerhyde motor uses both electromagnets and neodymium (rare earth) magnets to create more energy than it uses, and it is NOT an electric motor. The use of magnets to create a perpetual energy source has been examined in the past, however, significant design flaws ceased further development. The science behind this motor differs from the concepts found in physics books. "


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Magnet Motor Quad Design Invention


(YouTube / hoogerhydemotors May 26, 2012)

Hoogerhyde Quad Force Magnet Motor Invention


"This video shows the various stages of design and control. There is nothing hidden on any of these designs. These motors drive themselves." (YouTube / hoogerhydemotors May 26, 2012)

"Magnetic Motor Quad Design. Rotating mass is 1750 lbs, the end disc's weigh 350 lbs each. This version runs at 250 RPM's and can run in either direction. Patent Pending. Hoogerhyde Motor" ([ YouTube / hoogerhydemotors January 10, 2010)

Magnetic Motor Quad Design Version 5-1


"Driving a Low RPM Wind Generator outputing 220V" (YouTube / hoogerhydemotors March 17, 2011)


Image:Hoogerhyde motor 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Magnet Motors > (new) Directory: (Calvin) Hoogerhyde Motors' Magnet Piston Engine > Calvin Hoogerhyde's Reciprocating Dual-Action Piston Magnetic Force Motor Allegedly Validated - We have been informed that the patented Hoogerhyde magnet piston engine has been validated by replication. Other news updates included. (PESN June 4, 2013)


US 8,058,755
Image:Hoogerhyde-US-patent-243x150 rd.jpg

US 8,058,755 Reciprocating Dual-Action Piston Magnetic Force Motor Nov. 15, 2011

Also published as US20100156202, US20120007450, WO2010080192A1

Abstract : A motor system and method thereof are provided, wherein the system includes an energy storage device, a piston assembly including a magnet, at least two end assemblies in operable communication with the piston assembly, and includes first and second end assemblies, each having an electromagnet. The motor system further includes a controller that controls a supply of electrical power to first and second electromagnets of the first and second end assemblies, such that a first polarity of the first electromagnet is opposite a second polarity of the second electromagnet, and the first and second polarities are intermittingly altered by the supply of electrical power, so the magnet of the piston assembly is attracted and repelled from the first and second end assemblies.

Profile: Calvin Hoogerhyde

Image:Calvin-Hoogerhyde rd.jpg

Bio info here

Profile: Hoogerhyde Motor, LLC - Hoogerhyde Motor, LLC in Alba, MI is a private company categorized under Electric Motors Manufacturers. Our records show it was established in and incorporated in Michigan.

In the News

Google News > Hoogerhyde motor - null as of June 3, 2013

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Image:Hoogerhyde motor 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Magnet Motors > (new) Directory: (Calvin) Hoogerhyde Motors' Magnet Piston Engine > Calvin Hoogerhyde's Reciprocating Dual-Action Piston Magnetic Force Motor Allegedly Validated - We have been informed that the patented Hoogerhyde magnet piston engine has been validated by replication. Other news updates included. (PESN June 4, 2013)

Hoogerhyde Magnetic Force Engine - Last Friday, we had the privilege of speaking to Calvin Hoogerhyde of Alba, Michigan. Calvin has achieved something that no other magnet motor inventor has yet to claim. He has patents! Not just patent applications but real US and International patents for what he calls the Reciprocating Dual-Action Piston Magnetic Force Motor. (Revolution-Green May 20, 2013)

NOTE: This is not the first magnet motor patent. The Directory:Perendev Power Developments Pty (Ltd) magnet motor actually pirated a Brazian patent (BR8900294A) design that was awarded based on a working motor presented to the Brazilian patent office. Howard Johnson received Directory:Magnetic Motors:Howard Johnson on his magnet motor designs. Muammer Yildiz has also received Directory:Muammer Yildiz Magnet Motor on his magnet motor design.


Hoogerhyde Motor, LLC

Alba, Michigan, USA

Phone: +1 (231) 587-9136