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CORRECTION:Inventor Bill Mehess Does Sell Hand-Made Violins

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: See Talk:CORRECTION:Inventor Bill Mehess Does Sell Hand-Made Violins for original and follow-up allegations.

by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan Feb. 1, 2008

Pure Energy Systems News

On Jan. 31, 2008, we posted a page here at PESWiki, with some seemingly supporting documentation, stating that

: "Directory:Bill Mehess, who alleges to have invented a clock pendulum mechanism for generating excess energy, is accused below of selling Chinese-produced, cheap violins as 'hand made' by himself."

This allegation cast doubt as to the probability of his energy invention claim having merit.

On the evening of Feb. 1, Bill phoned me to explain. It turns out that he did make violins in the past, and sold them at cost of the materials as a service to budding musicians, and that the Jan. 30 accusation was in error. We regret the error, even though we did seem to have strong evidence at the time. The counter-points made by Bill are more than adequate to explain and prove his case.

He no longer makes violins due to declining health, but the 400 sq foot shop is still in his home, and the tools and patterns are available to see, for those who insist.

One of the reasons this account is of particular significance right now, is that as of a couple of weeks ago, we at the New Energy Congress (Joel Garbone and Steve Kaplan, both from nearby Portland) were planning to go visit Bill to inspect his energy device. Now that inspection can include confirmation of his violin shop and skills.

Bill said that the likely reason he has met with some disfavor by other music shops, festivals, and instrument sellers is because his low price takes customers away from those who might otherwise have made a sale. He sold the instruments at around $100 to cover the material costs, donating his time. Being comfortable in retirement, he said he did not need to make money doing this.

He said his wife has also been involved in this venture, making music stands out of wood.

The reason that his violins look the same as others being sold, is that he uses the "standard Stradivarius" pattern, which is very particular about dimension and such (he was more specific in his explanation than what I can recall here, due to this not being my area of specialty, mentioning such things as the "F-stop", "23-inches long", and the "sound post.")

He purchases the cases for the violins from Los Angeles for $26.00 each. They are standard cases found frequently in the industry.

As for the two disgruntled customers, Bill said that he has a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, and that he often honors that long after 90 days. He wishes they would merely return the violins, if they are still in good shape, and he would refund their money.

He gave me his home address, but asked that I not publish it, as he prefers to maintain his privacy but if someone really wishes to stop in and see his shop, they can phone him and make arrangements.

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The Energy Invention

Image:Mehess clock pendulum generator 95x95.jpg

Directory:Bill Mehess > Using a Clock Pendulum to Generate Electricity - Bill Mehess has invented a system in which a clock pendulum mechanism swings magnets into coils, allegedly generating enough electricity to recharge the clock spring as well as power other devices. (PESN Mar. 24, 2007)


Bill Mehess

St. Helens, WA USA

phone: 503-366-9135

email: []

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