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Congress:What Membership Entails

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New Energy Congress

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New Energy Congress


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Congress:What Membership Entails


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Category:New Energy Congress

This page is designed for those who are considering membership in the New Energy Congress, as well as for those who are presently members, to review what membership entails.

It is a supplement to the page that provides instructions on Congress:Join NEC.


Mission Statement : The New Energy Congress is an association for the purpose of reviewing the most promising claims to up-and-coming clean, renewable, affordable, reliable energy technologies, in order to come up with a weighted list of recommendations of the best technologies.

Each person on the Congress brings a unique set of experience, knowledge, and tools, to contribute to this process of review.

As various technologies are discussed and reviewed by the Congress, the NEC member's task is to provide input in those areas in which they have expertise.

Generally speaking, a Congress member devoting at least one hour per week to NEC involvement can be a valuable contributor to the process.

NEC Reports

The results of deliberations by the Congress are presently available to the public in a couple of places.

First, the Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD listing represents a rough tabulation of the results of NEC deliberations. (Shortcut:

Second, specific technology feature pages linked from that Top 100 listing often contain statements by NEC members about the technology. The Congress will be preparing official statements about the leading technologies, and these will be posted within the feature page as well. Along with that statement will be a tally of the NEC vote approving it.

These reports also include dissenting opinions, so that readers can examine the arguments presented by both sides.


The primary tool of communication for the Congress is the Internet. Phone conferencing and a semianual retreats add a personal touch to the dialogue.

See also: Congress:Forums


A newsletter - Provides general information regarding NEC issues, action items, and major developments. Frequency: generally less than once per week.

Email/Web forums

Within the Congress, discussion takes place primarily in two limited-access discussion groups:, and An NEC member needs to be able to access his/her YahooGroups account online to participate in the voting that takes place via the "polls" feature.

NEC-Forum is for discussing general matters relevant to the Congress. The vote/poll feature is used for approving general NEC matters, as well as new NEC members.

NEC-TechRev is for discussing specific technologies under review. The vote/poll feature is used for providing a rough assessment of technologies under consideration.

Other private discussion lists exist for the various committees of the Congress, such as technology screening, membership screening, and capital resources screening. (See comprehensive listing of forums [members only, pw required])

PESWiki Website

This PESWiki website provides the primary repository for the collection of public information pertaining to the various technologies reviewed by the Congress.

PESWiki is a publicly editable website. Some pages are protected so that only those with "Sysop" privileges can modify their contents.

The public is welcome to help improve the quality of the content, focusing on accuracy, clarity, relevance, and balance. NEC members can be of special assistance by way of providing generally the most accurate, clear, and relevant information.

Conference Calls

We hold a conference phone call every 1.5 weeks, which lasts under an hour. NEC members should participate when a topic of their specialty is covered. If you cannot join the call due to a schedule conflict, then a preview or follow-up with someone able to attend would be appropriate.

See Congress:Conference Call


Once in a while, some NEC members may have the opportunity to assemble in person, such as at conferences that several members are attending.


Topic Specialists

Each NEC member should identify at least one general modality of energy harvesting, economizing, or conveyance in which he/she has extensive and preferably expert-level practical knowledge. Being willing to be recognized as an expert in that area may involve being willing to be consulted and to reply to queries as needed, by other Congress members. The topic specialist will draft statements regarding the leading technologies within their area of specialty, which the Congress will then review, modify, and then vote upon for public display.

The objective of NEC is to induct at least one person into the Congress to represent each modality of energy harvesting, economizing, or conveyance.


Each NEC member is to be on at least one Congress:Committees.

Qualifications for Membership

'APPROVED': The following list was approved by the New Energy Congress on Nov. 3, 2005.

Experience in the field

Generally respected in the field

Service oriented -- in it for mankind

Open to input from others

Not one-track-minded on one device or area

Healthy skepticism

Open minded to new modalities

Well connected to those in the energy field

Vested interest in a particular technology does not disqualify one from being able to serve in this congress, nor for advising on that particular technology. However, such vested interests must be disclosed.

See also: Congress:Tasks

Not a Sinecure

(Do not modify this section)

Several of the members are extremely busy, and most of the members will have cycles of extreme preoccupation with other matters that require their immediate attention. While this is permitted, it is understood by the Congress members that they will give the Congress the attention they can give it, to the best of their ability. There are There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] for maintained membership in the Congress. It is 'not a sinecure'.

: NOT:

: sinecure (SY-nih-kyur SIN-ih-) noun: An office or position that requires or involves little or no responsibility, work, or active service. (

Required Activities for Continued Membership

'APPROVED': The following was approved by the New Energy Congress on Nov. 10, 2005.

Participate in at least 2/3 of the major votes.

Attend a retreat at least once every two years (held semiannually). (We intend to be able to help with at least some individuals' travel expenses, so that cost will not be a legitimate excuse for non-attendance.)

Review at least 1/4 of the finalist technologies each year (e.g. could be 1/8 for one set and 3/8 for the second set per year). (Remember, you can give a "0" personal confidence level in providing answers for which you have no knowledge or experience, and this is acceptable.)

If you know of a highly promising technology, which the Congress does not yet have on its roster of technologies to review, then submit it for review. (If the technology is a proprietary technology, and you do not have permission to mention it even by code name, then this obligation is waived.)

Very active members will, of course, do much more than this.


Application - After you have reviewed the above information, feel free to apply for membership if you think you qualify for membership, and that you are willing to provide the level of activity expected. (Print out the results page for your records.)