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Congress:Vote Results Archive:2007

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New Energy Congress

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2007 Archive of New Energy Congress Vote Results

See Congress:Action for current tally of active items, pending items, and decisions made by the New Energy Congress.

The New Energy Congress was founded in November, 2005.


Vote Results

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December 2007

(Dec. 23-29) Approved Aaron Davidson for membership in the New Energy Congress. (Tally) (Ref.)

(Dec. 23-29) Approved Allow Susan Carter to have "observer" status in NEC-forum to be privy to the business plan discussion. (Tally) (Ref.)

(Dec. 11-18) Two votes were taken to determin that four inventors: Directory:Rauen Environmental Heat Engine (18), Directory:Potomac Energy Projects, LLC (14), OS:Bob Boyce Electrolyzer Plans (10), and Ken Rasmussen (10) would split a $30,000 grant from John B.

(Dec. 11-18) Which three technologies should receive the $9k grant ($10k - $1kfee)? (Ref) (Tally)

(Dec. 12-18) Ratify Todd Hathaway's proposal to split the $30k-$3k into four pieces, to allow one portion (-$2k already received) to go to Ken Rasmussen. (Ref.) (Tally)

November 2007

(Nov. 1-8) Unanimously Approved: There shall be a three month introductory period for new members after which another vote will be held to ratify them as full members, Congress:Bylaws. (Ref.) (Tally)

October 2007

(Oct. 4-11) Approved: Reinstate Congress:Member:Carmen Miller into NEC Membership. (Tally)

(Oct. 1-8) Poll Result: "Have you personally witnesses an electromagnetic device that you are fully satisfied was "overunity", meaning that more energy was coming out than was put in? (not including solar, wind or other conventional environmental energy harnessing devices)" (Tally: 1 Yes 14 No)

September 2007

(Sept. 19-26) Have you seen a magnet motor in operation in person? "Magnet motor" = a motor that run only on magnets, with no other motive force. (Tally: 16 No 4 Yes)

Running Magnet Motors Witnessed - Four of twenty New Energy Congress members who responded to a week-long poll said they had personally witnessed a magnet motor in operation in which magnets were the only motive force. (PESN Sept. 28, 2007)

(Sept. 16-23) Approved: Approve Scott Cumberland for membership in the New Energy Congress. (Ref.) (Tally unanimous)

August 2007

(Aug. 8-15) Approved: Create a new "observer" membership type, which allows the person to receive NEC forum messages, but not to post or participate in votes. (Tally)(Ref.)

July 2007

(July 11 - 18) Approved' Jim Hughes for membership in the New Energy Congress. Ref. (Tally)

May 2007

(May 19 - 26) Approved: Approve Dr. Richard George for NEC membership. (Ref.) (Tally)

(Apr 26 - May 10) Approved: NEC members should recuse themselves from voting on an technology in which they are personally involved, and should vote "abstain" in such instances. (Tally: 13 yes 3 no 2 abstain) (Congress:Bylaws)

March 2007

(Mar. 18 - 25) Approved: Approve Directory:James Dunn for an NEC "Advisor" position. (Tally)

(Feb. 23 - Mar. 2) Approved: "Approve the following T100 voting policy: If 50% or more of respondents vote "not enough info", then the item shall be removed from the main T100 listing. Each "not enough info" vote cast shall count 1/3 votes and shall be the same as a "not T100" vote. So three "not enough info" votes would be the same as one "not T100" vote." (Tally: 17 yes 1 abstain)

February 2007

(Jan. 23 - Feb. 1) Approved: Approve Andrew Ferrand Stobart for membership in the NEC. (Ref.) (Tally)

January 2007

(Jan. 18-25) Approved: Approve Congress:Member:Noah Seidman to serve on the membership committee. (Tally)

(Jan. 16-23) Approved: Approve Dave Muchow of Directory:SkyBuilt Power for an NEC "Advisor" position. (Tally)

(Jan. 13-20) Approved: Approve Nick Cook for an NEC "Advisor" position. (Tally)

(Jan. 3 - 10) Approved: Approve Robert A. Nelson for NEC membership. (Ref.) (Tally: 18 yes, unanimous.)

(Jan. 5-6) Approved: NEC Disavows Brooks Agnew (Tally: 10 yes 3 no 4 abstain 1 "need more time to discuss")

New Energy Congress Disassociates from Brooks Agnew - Due diligence process results in a decision by the New Energy Congress to pull away from involvement with Brooks Agnew and the Phoenix Science Foundation. (PESN Jan. 5, 2007)


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