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Congress:Vote Results Archive:2006

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New Energy Congress

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New Energy Congress


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2006 Archive of New Energy Congress Vote Results

See Congress:Action for current tally of active items, pending items, and decisions made by the New Energy Congress.

The New Energy Congress was founded in November, 2005.


Vote Results

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December 2006

(Dec. 21 - 28) Approved: Approve Nora Maccoby for membership in the New Energy Congress. (Ref.) (Tally)

(Dec 17 - 24) Approved: The New Energy Congress shall serve as a screening and referring agent for Phoenix Science Foundation as well as for Advanced Scientific Explorations LLC. (Ref.) (Tally: Yes-11 No-1 Abstain-1)

(Dec 17 - 24) Approved: Recommend Ken Rauen's Directory:Rauen Environmental Heat Engine for prototype development funding. (Tally: Yes-7 No-0 Abstain-3 moretime-1)

(Dec 17 - 24) Approved: Recommend Eddie Sines Directory:Potomac Energy Projects, LLC for prototype development funding. (Tally: Yes-5 No-3 Abstain-2 moretime-1)

(Dec. 14 - 21) Approved: Approve W Fred Robinson for membership in the New Energy Congress. (Ref.) (Tally: 13 Yes, unanimous)

(Dec. 17 - 21) Rejected: Technologies that have made it onto the NEC Top 100 Energy Technologies list are automatically recommended by NEC for funding. (Tally: 13 No, unanimous)

(Dec. 12 - 19) Approved: Approve Noah Seidman for membership in the New Energy Congress. (Ref.) (Tally 8 Yes 1 "need more time to discuss")

(Nov. 22 - Dec. 6) Membership Renewal Vote poll) - important annual review of NEC membership. (Tally pending)

(Nov. 19 - Dec 3) Approved: VOTE A "quorum" online is constituted of those who participate, given ample time (1 week for minor votes, and 2 weeks for major votes). A 25% attendance of the NEC body will be required for phone conference or in-person conference gatherings to constitute a "quorum" to cast binding votes.

November 2006

(Nov. 19 - 26) Approved: Commence an "Advisor" position level at NEC, which is not a full member. The advisor will not have voting privileges akin to a member, nor at-least-minimum activity obligations. (Tally)

(Oct. 29 - Nov. 5) Approved: NEC Membership Committee shall be authorized to review annual memberships and remove members based on inadequate levels of participation, except in cases where petitions for reconsideration are submitted, which shall be reviewed by the NEC body. (Tally 10 yes 3 no 1 abstain 1 need more time)

(Nov. 2 - 9) Denied: Approve Andy Appan application for NEC membership. (Ref) (Tally 3 yes, 2 no, 1 need more time to discuss [2/3 approval margin required])

Memo: More information was requested from the applicant, which was not received. Not well enough known to make a positive determination. Hence low voter turn-out and denial of application.

(Nov. 4 - 11) Approved: Approve Mark Dansie as Secretary of NEC. (Tally: 11 yes)

October 2006

(Oct. 23 - 30) Approved: NEC shall serve as the "science advisory" body for the Site:Free Energy Video (name subject to change) project. (tally)

(Oct. 22 - 29) Tues. 9:00 pm Mountain and Fri. 4:00 pm Mountain set for 1.5-weekly telephone conference calls. tally

See Congress:Conference Call

(Oct. 15 - 22) Approved Template:Congress:Statement:Fuel Cells as an official NEC statement archived at

(Tally: 5 yes 1 no 2 abstain 1 "need more time to decide")

(Oct. 3 - 17) VOTE: When would be a good time for you to participate in a weekly NEC telephone conference call? (Check any that apply) (A follow-up poll will narrow the times down from these broad ranges)

September 2006

(Sept. 17 - Oct. 1) Regarding the proposed cross-linking of PES Network sites and forum. (Ref) (Tally)

August 2006

(Aug. 21 - 28) Michael Riversong approved for NEC membership. Ref. (Tally)

(Aug. 11 - 18) Approved J. David Baxter for membership in the New Energy Congress. Tally

(July 24 - Aug 7) Regarding NEC deliberations. (Tally)

APPROVED 10 of 15 votes: "Deliberations between members regarding technologies shall remain private except those portions that are already public by proper consent, or when proper consent is given."

REJECTED 5 of 15 votes in favor: "Deliberations on discussion lists may be posted to public domain unless notice is given that the correspondence should remain private or confidential."

July 2006

(July 15 - 26) Approved: Officially recognize the New Energy Movement (501c3) as the non-profit, fund-raising arm of NEC. Funds received for NEC through NEM will be controlled by NEC. While NEM works closely with NEC, it is an independent entity from NEC. NEM will retain a nominal portion of the NEC non-profit proceeds, to help keep it operational, not to exceed 10% per transaction. Ref. (Tally: 9 yes 1 no)

(July 15 - 26) Approved: The New Energy Congress should NOT be set up as a 501c3, to enable it to pursue a more full scope of activities, which would otherwise be limited. (Tally: 8 yes 4 no 1 abtsin)

June 2006

VOTE: (JCS Poll 1 of 4) Options for Peter Stevens substitute presentation for the July 30 Joe Cell Seminar

VOTE: (JCS Poll 2 of 4) First Choice for Peter Stevens substitute for the July 30 Joe Cell Seminar

VOTE: (JCS Poll 3 of 4) Second Choice for Peter Stevens substitute for the July 30 Joe Cell Seminar

VOTE: (JCS Poll 4 of 4) Ken Rauen option for the July 30 Joe Cell Seminar

(June 16 - 30) Voted to censure Congress:Former Member:Greg Watson for his actions in regard to the Peter Stevens validation situation. Also voted to withdraw him as an NEC representative in that validation process. (Note the Watson has resigned from NEC, but he may rejoin, so this vote is necessary for the record.) (tally)

(June 13-20) Declined Dana Horochowski application for membership in NEC. (Tally)

(June 23 ) Approved: official statement of the NEC body regarding Peter Stevens validation deadline. (Tally: 11 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain) (statement as ratified)

(June 7-14) Regarding the Joe Cell Seminar being cosponsored by NEC on July 30. Tally

2: Have Peter Stevens come, regardless of whether he accomplishes a validation prior to the seminar.

5: Make Peter's invitation continent on validating the technology first (fuel line disconnected), making substitute accommodations in case he doesn't.

3: Make Peter's invitation continent on validating the technology first (at least Sandy mode), making substitute accommodations in case he doesn't.

1: Abstain

May 2006

(May 20 - 27) Eddie Sines approved as a member of NEC. (Ref.) (Tally)

(May 17 - 24) Approve Mark Anthony Dansie approved for NEC membership. (Tally)

(May 3 - 10) Agreed: NEC should co-sponsor the Joe Cell Seminar. (Tally: 12 yes 0 no 1 abstain 1 'need more time to discuss')

April 2006

(Apr. 20 - 27) Mr. Fishant Approved as NEC member. (Tally)

(Apr. 1 - 16) IMPORTANT VOTE: Hold the first NEC pow wow in conjunction with the 2006 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference (Jul 27-30/Salt Lake City).

Results: weak imperative 2 votes for "day before" prevails for preferred time.

March 2006

(Mar. 26 - April 2) Robert Indech approved for NEC membership Tally

(Mar. 17 - 24) Robert Patterson approved for NEC Membership. (Tally)

(Mar. 16 - 23) Micheal Schuckel approved for NEC membership. (Tally)

(Mar. 2 - Mar. 9) Approved: As a matter of a general guideline, NEC should endeavor as a body to spend about 50% of our collective attention and efforts on conventional renewable energy technologies, and the remaining 50% on non-conventional, or "fringe" clean energy technologies. (Tally: 8 yes 3 no)

(Feb. 27 - March 6) Andrew Mount approved for NEC membership as well as to serve on the Membership Committee. Profile. (Tally)

(Feb. 28 - Mar. 5) Approved: Should NEC place an ad at no charge in the latest print edition of ElectrifyingTimes magazine? (Tally)

(Feb. 26 - Mar. 4) Approved on slim margin: "NEC shall include in its review and listings: technologies that foster significantly more efficient use of fossil fuel." (Tally: 10 yes 6 no 2 abstain)

February 2006

(Feb. 21 - 28) NDA draft prepared by Ken Rasmussen for NEC approved. (tally)

(Feb. 21 - 28) Sterling Allan, Sepp Hasslberger, Todd Hathaway, and Louis Pastor approved to serve on the NEC Membership committee. (If you wish to vote "no" on any individual, then vote "no" on this question and if the margins require we will split it into individual votes.) (tally)

(Feb. 21 - 28) 'Members' portion of the Bylaws approved. (tally)(Archive | PESWiki Archive)

(Feb. 20 - 27) Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD page approved as an official NEC working document (not necessarily the present contents and sequence, but the page idea). (tally)

(Feb. 20 - 27) Ken Rasmussen unanimously approved as chairman of the Capital Sources Advisory committee. (tally)

(Feb. 14 - 21) Oztronix Studios - Melbourne approved for NEC membership (Tally)

(Feb. 10 - 17) Congress:Member:Todd C. Hathaway approved for NEC Membership. See tally.

January 2006

(Jan. 31 - Feb. 6) Congress:Member:Greg Watson approved for NEC membership. (See tally)

(Jan. 20 - Feb. 4) APPROVED: Congress:Technology Criteria Archived reference at (Vote results 19 yes [one by email] 1 abstain 0 no)

{Jan. 26 - Feb. 3) Nicholas Tastad accepted into NEC membership

(Jan. 16-23) Jonathan Bonanno accepted into NEC membership

(Jan. 11 - 14) Approved - Procedure for joining NEC and sign-up form.

(Jan. 3 - 10) Should NEC pursue something to this effect . . . - 4 yes, 1 no, 3 "need more time to discuss"