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Congress:Vote Results Archive:2005

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New Energy Congress

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New Energy Congress


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2005 Archive of New Energy Congress Vote Results

See Congress:Action for current tally of active items, pending items, and decisions made by the New Energy Congress.

The New Energy Congress was founded in October, 2005.


Vote Results

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December 2005

(Dec. 7 - Dec. 16) APPROVED: Approve mission statement as follows: The New Energy Congress is an association for the purpose of reviewing the most promising claims to up-and-coming clean, renewable, affordable, reliable energy technologies, in order to come up with a weighted list of recommendations of the best technologies.

(Nov. 30 - Dec. 7) APPROVED: NEC will continue reviewing technologies similar to how we reviewed Focus Fusion, on a trickle pace, while waiting for the NEC technology submission, screening, and robust review infrastructure to be built.

(Nov. 30 - Dec. 7) APPROVED: NEC will serve as the referring agent for the funding entity interested in Focus Fusion technology? - (See dialogue at [ NEC-forum: 121)

(Dec. 4) What technology to review next, similar to the Focus Fusion survey (members only) - Poll concluded, with Stirling Power Systems Inc. coming out on top with 12.5% of the vote, which ran from Nov. 27 - Dec. 4. (See: Congress:Technologies to Review) Based on "other technologies" answers given.

November 2005

(Nov. 29) Approved Priorities as set forth at: 100% of 10 voters who participated.

(Nov. 26) Public results for Focus Fusion survey full results: Focus Fusion , and other technology survey, other NEC matters - First official action of the Congress in regard to a specific technology.

(Nov. 21) Membership Vote - The original memberships were by invitation and by application. In order to make the Congress membership official, we went through the step of confirming the memberships by this initial group. (results being tabulated).

Results announced from 'membership' vote (members only) - All members but one were confirmed.

(Nov. 10) Approved: Approve as set forth at Congress:Tasks - list of required activities for continued membership. (members only nec-forum)

(Nov. 3) Approved: Membership Criteria - See New Energy Congress list. Ended Nov. 2, 2:00 am mountain time. Approved text archived/documented here. (members only nec-forum)

October 2005

(Oct. 27) Decided: The primary domain name for the New Energy Congress shall be: - 64% margin with 17 members voting. (members only nec-forum)

(Oct. 15) Decided: Congress name shall be: New Energy Congres. 46% margin, with 13 members voting. (members only nec-forum)

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