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Congress:Top 100 Tally

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New Energy Congress

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Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies

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Tally of Top 100 Clean Energy Technologies Votes

A compilation of the voting results of the NEC regarding some of the Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD technologies according to the NEC Congress:Technology Criteria of renewable, affordable, safe, reliable, credible, feasible, etc.

See also There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - is more up-to-date, as of Sept. 24, 2008.



Not up-to-date. has the most current listing.

Device Rankings by New Energy Congress (public), Commenced May 1, 2006.

Objective and Scoring Method -- (not current)

The objective here is to obtain and report a tally of what we have so far in the scoring of the various technologies through the techrev polls.

1 = top 2

2 = top 5

3 = top 10

4 = top 20

5 = top 50

6 = top 100

7 = not top 100

The "not enough info", "abstain", and "need more time" responses will be noted but not counted.

A working cumulative score will be obtained by average the individual scores.

Sample -- (not current)

For example, on item

Where does the Green Steam Engine rank according to NEC criteria? (rough assessment) Reference:

the scoring would be as follows:

1 x 0

2 x 0

3 x 0

4 x 0

5 x 1

6 x 8

7 x 0


(5 + 48) / 9 = 5.9

There were 9 voters who voted for a relevant ranking. The score is very close to a straight-up 6, which equates to "top 100", which means the item comes in very close to the bottom of the top 100 list.