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Congress:Technology Score Calculation Formulas

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Technology Score Calculation Formulas

MEMO: This document is not up-to-date and does not reflect the present activities of the New Energy Congress.

Calculation formulas by which the New Energy Congress will determine a given technology's score.

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Score Calculation (Under Construction)

Score calculation for an individual technology, based on the criteria, the criteria weight, and the confidence level.

Calculation components

For each technology evaluated,


S = "grand total score" (will be 0-10, with decimal point)

ec = "individual criteria score" (will be 0-10, with decimal point)

c = "criteria numbering" (label)

q = "number of criteria"

i = "total score for a technology by one person making an evaluation"

m = "number of NEC members making an evaluation"

n = "number of public individuals making an evaluation"

r = "0-10 rating for each criteria"

w = "weight of each criteria"

W = "total weight factor" (sum of individual weight factors)

k = "0-10 confidence level for each rating"

K = "total confidence level for a technology for one person"

v = "NEC votes" (75% weight)

p = "public votes" (25% weight)

t = "date of tally" (not weighed, but noted, for calculations of increase or decrease in score over time)

Note: x is used to signify multiplication


S = 0.75 v + 0.25 p

(Notice should be given if either v or p is null, in which case, the other shall weight 100%.)

v is a sub-total score derived from New Energy Congress tallies.

v = (i1 + i2 + ... + im)/m

p is a sub-total score derived from public tallies.

p = (i1 + i2 + ... + in)/n

i = (e1 + e2 + ... + ec)/c

K = (k1 + k2 + ... + kq)/q

sa = rawa

NEED TO RESOLVE: I don't know how to integrate the confidence factor without unduly effecting the technology score. An item for which a low confidence level should not weigh as much as an item for which a high confidence level is given, but the adjustment should not change the numeric score given.

Calculation needs to allow null answers, where the respondent omitted a score for a criteria.

regarding "t" : In the case that a technology has undergone significant change during the period of early versus late evaluations, then the older evaluations that have not been updated will be removed, so that the present score will reflect the present status.

Confidence Conversion

A confidence level will give weight to an answer provided. If greater than "5", the answer will weight more. If less than "5", the answer will weigh less. If the confidence level is "0", then the response will be omitted from consideration.

10 = 3.5x

9 = 3x

8 = 2.5x

7 = 2x

6 = 1.5x

5 = 1x

4 = 1/1.5 x

3 = 1/2 x

2 = 1/2.5 x

1 = 1/3 x

0 = null