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Congress:Retreat:July 2007

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New Energy Congress Retreat: July 2007

To be held in conjunction with the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference in Salt Lake City, which runs from July 26 through July 29, 2007.

NEC Meeting

Time and Location

The two-hour meeting will be held July 28, 7:30 pm

Location to be announced.


The following is a tentative agenda for the two-hour meeting

Welcome (5 min)

NEC vision (15 min)

Review T100 Technologies (30 min)

NE Videos project (15 min)

NEC Incorporation issues (15 min)

Report: Automation of T100 update (5 min)

Suggestions (20 min)

Misc. (10 min)

(cushion: 5 min)

Planning to attend

list your name here if you will be attending

alphabetical sequence by last name

Sterling Allan (NEC director)

David Baxter

Todd Hathaway

Michael Riversong

Tai Robinson


We will also invite a few guests who are likely to join the Congress.

Not Sure

list your name here if you are not sure whether or not you can attend

alphabetical sequence by last name

list here

Cannot attend

list your name here if you will not be able to attend

alphabetical sequence by last name

Steve Kaplan

Nora Maccoby

Robert Nelson

Leslie Pastor

Ken Rasmussen

Ken Rauen

Mike Schuckel

Eddie Sines

Nick Tastad

Renrick Tullock

Gary Vespermann

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