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New Energy Congress

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New Energy Congress


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Present Objective: NEC and public ability to log-in, vote, and have those votes tabulated and weighed automatically, to then update the Top 100 listing dynamically.

Immediate Task for This Month

Posted by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan, Oct. 17, 2006.

Survey the systems being used (i.e. Mediawiki via, and provide a recommendation of the best approch regarding hardware (probably not and issue) and software to employ, that will give robust compatibility both now and in the future as traffic compounds. I do not want to move away from MediaWiki, as it is ideal for what we are doing at PESWiki. I would like to see this made compatible with such forums as RSS in general, and MySpace in particular, so that the "control panel" can be situated within a persons favorite venue. One of the questions that needs to be address is whether the interface for the control panel can be housed at, or if it will need to be located on a separate website, e.g., which we own. I would prefer it if it could be housed at PESWiki so that the database can be combined and retrieved at PESWiki for dynamic display at PESWiki.

T100 Features Desired

Log-in brings one to a control panel, showing new issues, past votes, not-yet-voted, need-to-update (outdated vote)

highest-rated technologies will show up highest in the listings, especially the "not-yet-voted" list.

a votes freshness will expire after x months and require an update. If no update is given, the vote will be withdrawn.

the highest-rated technologies will have a shorter duration of "freshness" requiring more frequent updates.

Vote panel gives a choice between "simple" and "in-depth" vote.

Simple vote for a particular technology gives options: "not top 100, top 2, top 5, top 10, top 20, top 50, top 100, abstain, not enough info, need more time to decide"

"In-depth" vote for a particular technology will entail a 0-10 vote one each of the ten criteria, including a 0-10 "confidence" rating with each vote.

Both the public and NEC members will have a log-in page, with control panel.

NEC member votes collectively will weigh x% (e.g. 75%), while public votes collectively will weight y% (e.g. 25%), and the values of x and y will be modifiable, per NEC policy.

Default display of top 100 list will be according to composite score, calculated dynamically.

Display of data can be sorted by any one of the ten criteria, or a combination thereof.

The listing of technologies, wherever they appear (top 100 list voting list in control panel), will link to their feature page at PESWiki

The "Top 100 Technology" notice at the top of the PESWiki feature page for a technology will include that technology's present ranking.

Technologies that fall outside of the Top 100 ranking, will have the "Top 100 Technology" notice removed from the page.

The control panel will include a section that shows the recent activity on a given technology page that they with to track.

The control panel will include the ability to plug in other RSS feeds.

The NEC member's control panel will also have a "notices" function with recent administrative announcements, including administrative votes.

A "submit" page will enable people to submit technologies to be considered for "top 100" rating.

The submit page will then be sent to a NEC technology screening group, first to at least two individuals who can delete out any spam (the second member being witness to make sure that legitimate submissions are not being discarded). The first screen will make a one-person (the other as witness) evaluation as to possible merit. Either person can serve this role, with the other being privy to his/her actions. Other NEC members may also look in on that process for proper oversight.

If the submission passes that one-person screening for possible plausibility, it will then go to either the NEC-TechScreen discussion list for further evaluation as to its top 100 merit, or it will be sent to the NEC-TechRev list, of the NEC body for discussion.

The submitted material may also be sent to a PES Network News pile where news personnel may view it for possible inclusion in the news or directory. Even if it is not top 100, it will usually qualify to be listed in the directory.

A version of the submitted material, minus contact info, with the submitter's permission, could be posted for the public to see, once it has passed the screening process.

Other Tasks

I'm quite sure that the IT tasks for NEC and PES Network will be continual, and that after the above is accomplished, then other tasks will be in queue, perpetually. -- SilverThunder 23:14, 25 Oct 2006 (EDT)