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New Energy Congress

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New Energy Congress


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New Energy Congress -- Members

A listing of members of the New Energy Congress.

If you are interested in joining this Congress, Congress:Join.


Image:NEM Bd Mtg - Dec 15 2007 600.jpg

New Energy Movement board meeting, Dec. 2007. Several board members are also members of the New Energy Congress (NEC).

Left to right:

Standing: Sterling Allan (NEC), Joel Garbon (NEC), Jeane Manning, Ken Rauen (NEC), Steve Kaplan (NEC)

Sitting: Mark Hurwit, Terry Sisson (NEC)

Active Members

Alphabetic sequence by last name.

Note format : Name organization/profession geographic location email date joined

Congress:Member:Hal Ade Ottowa, Ontario, Canada (Sept. 29, 2005)

Congress:Member:Adrian Akau USA (Sept. 29, 2005)

Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan User:SilverThunder NEC founder PES Network Inc. Eagle Mountain (near Salt Lake City), Utah, USA [] (Sept. 27, 2005)

Congress:Member:David J. Baxter Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (Aug. 18, 2006)

Congress:Member:Charles Bensinger Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA (Since Feb. 12, 2008)

Congress:Member:Jonathan Bonanno User:Jonb Ovation Products (efficient water distiller) and Barcelona, Spain [U.S. citizen] and (Jan. 24, 2006)

Congress:Member:Hugh Cambell Engineer Anaheim, California, USA (Sept. 29, 2005)

Congress:Member:Joel Garbon President, New Energy Movement Portland, Oregon, USA (Sept. 27, 2005)

Congress:Member:Francis Giroux User:H2boost Hydrogen Boost Queensbury, NY, USA (Oct. 13, 2005)

Congress:Member:Sepp Hasslberger User:Vortexpower Hasslberger Physics, Economy, and New Energy Italy (Oct. 1, 2005)

Congress:Member:Troy Helming User:TroyHelming CEO Krystal Energy Kansas City, Kansas, USA (Nov. 11, 2005)

Congress:Member:Robert Indech Georgia, USA (April 3, 2006)

Congress:Member:Stephen Kaplan User:Kap808 New Energy Movement Board of Directors Portland, Oregon, USA (Sept. 28, 2005)

Congress:Member:Eric Krieg skeptic site Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (Oct. 1, 2005)

Congress:Member:Mathew P. Mathai and Kochi, Kerala, India (July 26, 2009)

Congress:Member:Robert A. Nelson Rex Research Jean, NV USA (January 11, 2007)

Paul Noel PES Network Inc, Oil Industry Advisor Harvest, Alabama, USA (Oct. 11, 2005)

Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor User:Leslie R. Pastor MEG, Cold Fusion (Oct. 14, 2005)

Congress:Member:Paul Richard Price Anti-gravity Roswell, New Mexico, USA (July 3, 2006)

Congress:Member:Ken Rasmussen Commute Faster California (Sept. 28, 2005)

Congress:Member:Michael Riversong Tesla Tech Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA (Aug. 29, 2006)

Congress:Member:Tai Robinson User:Airtai Intergalactic Hydrogen Sandy, Utah, USA (Oct. 2, 2005)

Congress:Member:Demetrius Ross Geo 1 Solutions, LLC Denver, CO, USA [] (Nov. 17, 2008)

Congress:Member:Noah Seidman User:Nseidm1 WaterFuel Converters Bayside, NY, USA and (Dec. 20, 2006)

Congress:Member:Terry Sisson User:Twsisson New Energy Movement board member New Energy Movement Colorado, USA (Sept. 29, 2005)

Congress:Former Member:Ian Soutar User:Ian soutar Victoria, BC, Canada (Aug. 23, 2008 through March 1, 2010 rejoined Sept. 28, 2010)

Congress:Member:Andrew Ferrand Stobart Shropshire, UK (Feb. 2, 2007)

Congress:Member:Nicholas Testad 2020 Institute founder Alexandria, Virginia, USA (Feb. 3, 2006)

Congress:Member:V.S. Travkin HSPT - Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, [U.S. citizen] (Jan 31, 2008)

Congress:Member:Renrick A. Tulloch User:Rtulloch Hydrogen from water Computers Mableton, Georgia, USA (Oct. 14, 2005)

Congress:Member:Gary Vesperman Researcher Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (Oct. 4, 2005)

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NEC Advisors

Directory:Nick Cook reporter for Jane's Defense Weekly near Portsmith, U.K. (Oct. 3, 2005)

Congress:Advisor:Reed Huish Phoenix, Arizona, USA (Sept. 29, 2005)

Congress:Advisor:Andrew Michrowski Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE) Ontario, Canada (Sept. 29, 2005)

Congress:Advisor:Carmen Miller Muller Power Penticton, B.C., Canada (Oct. 15, 2005 - Dec. 6, 2006 Oct. 12, 2007)

Dave Muchow, CEO of Directory:SkyBuilt Power (Jan. 24, 2007)

Directory:Chris Patton, Zero Point Films (Jan. 12, 2008)

Congress:Advisor:Kenneth M. Rauen User:Krauen PES Network Inc, Science Advisor Vista, California, USA, (Sept. 29, 2005)

Congress:Advisor:Jeane Manning Vancouver, B.C., Canada (Feb., 2009)

Directory:Thomas Valone Ph.D. Washington D.C., USA (Sept. 28, 2005)

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Congress:Tasks - list of tasks for Congress members

Congress:Join - interested in becoming a member?


Congress:Help:PESWiki Knowledgeable - index of NEC members who are PESWiki knowledgeable, and can help other NEC members get going at PESWiki.



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