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Vladi Sergey Travkin

Profile page for New Energy Congress member Vladi S. Travkin


Committees : Mechanical Engineering General Physics

Representation in 2nd physics: Hierarchical Scaled Physics and Technologies -

New Energy Congress : Since Jan 31, 2008

Education : Advanced education via self-teaching during studies in a variety of physical disciplines (seen in my websites). Meanwhile, Conventional Orthodox physics and math education was in General Physics, Continuum Mechanics, Continuum Mathematics, Mathematical Physics - not enough for Frontier and Exploratory Science in the second part of XX: Ph.D. in specialty "Mechanics of Fluids, Gas and Plasma," National University, Kiev, UKRAINE. M.S. in Physics and Mathematics, specialized in Mathematical Physics Equations and Numerical Analysis, National University, Kiev, Ukraine.

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Elements of 2nd Physics at the beginning of XXI ""Elements of the 2nd Physics at the beginning of XXI " "Spinning or "Torsion" Mechanics in "Homogeneous" Media? Is it Possible? "


In the News

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Latest: Directory:Buoyancy > Directory:Thrust Kinetic Generator by Rosch Innovations AG > Vladi S. Travkin on how Rosch' Kinetic Power Plant works (link fixed) - The reason scientists can't wrap their heads around how Rosch' KPP could possibly work is that they are basing their logic on Conventional Orthodox Homogeneous Physics (COHP). "In reality, this is the multiphase (polyphase) -- actually 3-phase fluids flow dynamics regime" in play. (PESN May 19, 2015)
Image:Travkin magnet-motor-equitions 95x95.jpg
Directory:Magnet Motors > Directory:Magnet Motors / Directory:Muammer Yildiz Magnet Motor / Directory:Perendev Power Developments Pty (Ltd) > V.S. Travkin Explains Theory of All-Magnet Motor Plausibility - Articles include: Are Magnet Motors (MM) Exist? Misunderstanding of the Function • Failure of Perendev and V-gate MM Homogeneous Designs (Homogeneous Models Do not Exist) • Magnet Motors of M.Yildiz. Major Design Polyscale Features and Solutions. Why These MM Work? (News:Pure Energy Blog March 13, 2013)

Energy Snapshots

Multiscale Physics and Biology, Theories and Technologies of Transport Processes in Heterogeneous and Multiscale Media Continuum Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Fluid Mechanics, Materials Science, Electrodynamics, Acoustics, Atomic, Nuclear, and Particle Physics, Biology Theoretical, Cell, Structural, and Microbiology, Biomechanics, Biotechnologies, Medicine, Transport and Modeling in Tissue and of Disease Processes, Immune System, Modeling and Simulation of Physical Phenomena and Processes in Heterogeneous and Porous Media Plasma Physics, Fusion Physics, Energy, Hierarchical Mathematics, Modeling and Design in Materials and Composites Transport Processes in Air Pollution Modeling and Subsurface Soil Systems and Aquifers. Development and application of mathematical analysis methods to the transport process modeling in heterogeneous, scaled media and environmental sciences. Engineering software development.

The Energy Crisis is Over. The New Energy Race is Heating Up

Through the last two years (? 2007-09) many evidences, prototypes and even full scale Unknown Source (inexplicable by "mainstream" conventional physics) or rejected to exist Permanent Energy Source Devices (Perendev), or what was named as "free" energy devices, engines, have been manufactured and started to penetrate the energy markets.

Now it can be said that the scariest years are behind. That mass media continues sending foolish splashes of fear regarding the future "lack of energy" - meaning the lack of petro-oil energy, just to serve to the needs of corporations those are at the top of the energy money squeezing mechanisms.

While governments keep on repeating the so called "mantra" of seeding the renewable and "green" energy money to let going on those participants who are already enjoying the golden rain of financing for renewable and "green" energy R&D. Which should be reconfigured for saving, not wasting of that money.

Among a few real time front-runners in the new energy, often "free" energy developers, producers, manufacturers, at this very moment we can now re-arrange the names and announce the advantages and outstanding potential brought to the energy picture worldwide by magnetic motors phenomenon.

The one alleged device inventor which was presented favorably during a few last years appeared now as the subject to a fraud accusation - is not accessible any more in the internet. If this accusation has a ground, we unfortunately were watching the con activity, that makes a substantial burden on genuine sincere inventors in the field of scaled magnetic energy.

The recent encouraging result of renewal interest and restoration of the J.Papp engines technology can be seen as an incredible success -

"PowerPedia: Joseph_Papp's_Noble_Gas_Engine " ('s_Noble_Gas_Engine)


The Papp engine technology should be counted as the technical device, engine implementation of consequences of the Papp physical effect that is - the inexplicable so far process of completely reversible expansion-contraction cyclic sequence in volumetrically contained some amount of 5 noble gases mixture.

This reciprocal behavior can be guided with electronic controller, which functions are optimized empirically as soon as the reasons and physical model for the process are unknown and have been guessed thus far. Nevertheless, the device was designed in various final constructions - as, for example, via retrofitted internal combustion engines (as Papp built them more than ones) with the following the current trend realizations that are much less reminding of a car traditional engine.

04//2013 - After a few years of hope instigated by J.Rohner's vague promises we still watching a little in progress, unfortunately a regress. All that described by Sterling D.Allan with detail in this web. Sorry for my hopes. It is still the same phenomenon and facts of Papp engine that are just here, may we say with us - but no talent now which could make it a reality again as J.Papp had done this once. It will come sooner or later, no matter what.

The new forthcoming energy related technologies explanation and science will appear firstly via direct implication of scaled electrodynamics reflecting to opening possibilities for what was hidden so far as the interplay of particulate, atomistic, and "vacuum" filling magnetic fields.

We have extended our contribution to this technology in the pairing sub-sections -

What's Wrong with the Pseudo-Averaging Used in Textbooks on Atomic Physics and Electrodynamics for Maxwell-Heaviside-Lorentz Electromagnetism Equations (


Incompatibility of Maxwell-Lorentz Electrodynamics Equations at Atomic and Continuum Scales (

where the input to the multi"phase" Scaleportation of electrodynamics

equations, models between atomic and continuum descriptions have been worked out.

Many such features were experimentally discovered throughout the course

of 20th century. Afterward the scaled electrodynamics governing

equations, modeling would penetrate other sectors, we hope,

first in medicine, bio- and nanotechnologies.

Actually, the "nano" and atomic scale technologies will name the same.

The very strong promises by hydrolyser of water and provider of micro-distributed H_{2}"BlackLight Power" (

the Experimental Breeder Reactor (EBR) technology secured for the US government the "free" energy, reserved as the disliked "child" being grown and backed up by the government conventional nuclear physics.

Amongst actually many claims on magnetic engine implementation (Perendev) that are known through the last few years the company "STEORN Ltd." ( is probably more visible because of lengthy attempts of rather naive nature to get some "approval" by the "establishment" orthodox physics, that can be viewed by few as an advertisement and preliminary marketing campaign, company promised at the end of 2009 the full scale demonstration of their version of a Perendev. And that is until now of lower power range an output device, nevertheless, company stressing out on possibility of scaling up device(s) to the needed power.

Meanwhile, at present the company provided the long awaited demonstration -


What is in line we will see in a near future via comments and exposure by technology participants -

(PESWiki - Directory:Steorn_Free_Energy.).

The magnetic energy generated devices, "Perendev" is (while failed so far as a business entity) a strong example, have the peculiar feature that should make them the breakers of the common sense energy markets -

(PESWiki - Directory:Perendev_Power_Developments_Pty_(Ltd)).

They are small devices, capable for individual installation and at the same time, some of them are powerful enough to disrupt totally a small business or household from the electrical grid.

This great revolution in power supply should make all new efforts of renovation for existing grids to be wasteful. Unless they are redesigned for the distributed generation and accumulation of energy.

This only kind of "new" energy supply will overturn the technology policies as well as distribution of quality of life on earth.

We have to declare that all these technologies use the polyscaled, heterogeneous core mechanisms for energy generation.

The start of the race for the new, more efficient, green and almost "green" energy technologies growth is being closely watched by the major oil, energy and automotive corporations.

It is not a surprise, that despite their cry for financing of their like "green" technologies effort, these recipients of large chunks of public support (and financing as well) towards development of new, green techs, they can not demonstrate any really "new" or really good green technologies.

By definition the main energy related top money players can not and have not developed anything new, any technology that might send them backward in growth and income. That is in the sense of the disruptive technology, almost any one. That disruptor should always be the fringe individual, small company, doesn't matter even if with the garage based start-up. That exactly has been happening in the energy sector.

The greatest example of "free" energy inventions suppression is of N.Tesla by J.P.Morgan and associated with him science persons known and recognized internationally. That delayed for nearly 100-110 years the human acquisition of the "free" energy.

The large energy and automotive related corporations have been already

attempting to silence, suppress or now buy the technologies from the really new energy technology front-runners. Some probably succeed and we will watch the new tax breaks having Standard Oil, Shell, BP, ConocoPhillips, you name more, type emerging energy entities.

Meanwhile, taking the lessons from the history, and of the above companies behavior,

the new monopolies can be avoided. Nowadays governments practices leaning toward the

same - everybody can read on energy monopolies as they are

now in blog of Robert Kyriakides: Energy, monopolies and cartels.

11-09-2011 (Wdn) - The text above has been written mostly in 2009. Today, after more than two years, the reality is supporting my forecasts from 2009. The brightest is of A.Rossi's one megawatt (and smaller units) E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) Cold Fusion story - October_28,_2011_Test_of_the_One_Megawatt_E-Cat, which is going in the right direction. A few other energy (physics) related technology are in the neighborhood and well addressed by Sterling D. Allan in this website. Most or all of them are of unconventional physics, unexplainable so far.

That all means the world is changing. A bit slower than it looked back while reading in the historical books. It is always as that - we might not be seeing the best ramifications (as Sterling likes to note) of paradigms shift (creation), yet?

04//2013 - Unfortunately, the Cold Fusion invention, reactors by A.Rossi are hidden not only for many months since fall 2011, but and for many years to come. That is clear now after two years of misleading us by A.Rossi's promises, that he's sold his invention to the US government, obviously to DOD with the hidden behind NASA's involvement.

We got this described in a written analytical white paper that has sent to many energy interested parties.

The Polyscale Physics Related to the Energy Issues


Among a few preliminary words regarding the subsequent texts on unusual for most of our readers physics would be saying on the overall state of affairs in physics at the turn of 20th century. Most, if not all in physics and chemistry scientists were ready to accept the idea that everything was and indeed done and studied, what can be done else is the minor technical improvements for the benefits of industrial and human world.

As that was appeared throughout the course of 20th century – that kind of minds condition was completely wrong. We realized that we know just a little, we are not even able to overcome the energy crisis yet. We are close to getting out from the dark the "free" energy dream, but only at the start of that. What the 100 years stagnation in physics and science means are the disastrous consequences, as we have them now.

What is the Hierarchical Multiscale Physics and Some History (Excerpts)

At the beginning on 80th I was well aware about importance of having the theory, methodology for unified approach to mathematics of different scale physical phenomena.

In this way, I thought, could be found the means for communications between the physics, physical data, mathematical and physical models of different scale physics. It is not a secret, that many if not every field in physics have been constructed on the basics, principles of a separate entity, as it is the singular, separate science within the general physics.

As a mathematician by university training I was looking for answers primarily in areas, in different fields were similarities start and something was completed based on unusual ideas. That was for me the sufficient explanation then when starting point was found in the chemical engineering field, in which I had involvement at that time. That was the theory I named later as the Volume Averaging Theory (VAT), now the Hierarchical Scaled Physics - Volume Averaging Theory (HSP-VAT), which became my major field of interest. Not in terms of mathematics itself, in spite that the mathematical issues in VAT until now developed for the rather limited number of questions. I was and continue to be mostly involved in physical applications of the HSP-VAT.

As I mentioned in the website - Hierarchical Scaled Physics (HSP-VAT) and Technologies, during the past more than twenty five years focused mostly on the development of fundamentals of hierarchical theory in different physical disciplines. The reason for this is the ultimate role, which plays in physics the mathematical theorems of Gauss-Ostrogradsky type. These theorems are used to formulate the mathematical foundation and modeling in every physical field (well, the particle physics is so far the discrete and underdeveloped story). That is why the heterogeneous analogs of these theorems should be used for mathematical description of heterogeneous and hierarchical media and phenomena in these media.

A major problem for material science, many physical sciences and technologies, including and energy advanced technologies was and continues to be the creation of new materials, media with the most desirable characteristics and with specified properties. This problem is presently treated by procedures that are mostly heuristic in nature because sufficiently detailed descriptions are not available. The ability to describe the details, and features, of a contemplated material with sufficient precision will help reduce the need for a heuristic approach. The most challenging among of these description goals is, perhaps, our ability to describe the material's physical properties with mathematical models at each level of the material's spatial hierarchy from subatomic scale, less then Angstrom, through at least the next three or four orders of magnitude in scale, and to describe the connections between the models in the hierarchy consistently and coherently with measurable verifiable characteristics. This task is of enormous difficulty and has not as yet been resolved.

Now, after many advancements in the HSP-VAT itself in various fields, the real goals I was putting to myself through the number of years are the atomic, sub-atomic, and nanoscale scaled phenomena Nanotechnologies Atomic Scale Description of Matter with VAT and hierarchical processes in electrodynamics Heterogeneous (Ht) Electrodynamics Local, Non-Local Scaled Formulation, optics Optics Heterogeneous (Ht), ferromagnetism Ferromagnetism (Ht), generally in continuum mechanics, high temperature superconductive materials (HTSC) Superconductivity, and biotech

Hierarchical, Heterogeneous, Multiscale Biology, and health sciences Medicine Heterogeneous, Multiscale Applications, etc.

As it seems to me that the hopes that many researchers set upon the molecular dynamics simulation (MD) tool is not going to provide the ground for really scaled description of hierarchical processes and properties. To assess the situation, one needs to remember that the many theories in MD and atomic physics (DFT, for example) are themselves the subjects with their own assumptions taken for that and for the lower scale physics (nuclear physics, particle physics, etc.), with no chance to get to the bottom of this sequence.

That is one of the reasons, why I think the HSP-VAT is so far the only solid theory, which can help in theoretical as well as experimental description of hierarchical and scaled processes. In this field of multiscale science I have gained to the stage where the few two scale problems have been solved exactly for the first time. Some of them with the distinctive details can be found in the web sites, for example, in - When the 2x2 is not going to be 4 - What to do?, other waiting for suitable introduction.

There is no other theory in physics, other sciences that pretending on multiscale ability could solve these problems. We admit these solutions as the clear proof of the correctness of not only mathematics involved but the techniques, methods, and physical consequences of the solutions, those could be easily extended to the problems in each physical discipline where problems were solved.

Another great fields where I see the HSP-VAT can revolutionize the approaches and modeling capabilities are applications of concepts, basic mathematical ideas, HSP-VAT methods to the medical and biotech sciences, experiments over the heterogeneous and scaled media, and optimization of the properties of these media. My involvement in these and pointed above fields is based in part on the continuous search for the credible partners in these fields. The task of a great difficulty in view of the given research funding conditions.

Correspondence Principle (started by Bohr as to apply to quantum mechanics)

It can be found that the Correspondence principle can be said as of:

Correspondence principle in quantum theory - states that the developments in quantum mechanics must match to those of classical mechanics while infinite limits considered for large macroscopic systems.

In science generally, the correspondence principle is the idea that a new theory should reproduce the results of older well-established theories in those domains where the old theories work.

This principle is well applied to the Multiscale description for Multiscale physical fields. That is - the Multiscale statements, and physics are becoming the Single scale statements physics, mathematical models, solutions, etc. for the Homogeneous Single scale problems, media, statements.

Few characteristic features of the HSP-VAT up to this moment – 2015:

At this time around I can say that actually few areas in physics and energy technologies have been using for some time the features and outputs based and explainable with HSP-VAT while mainly obtained via experimentation. I would mention NRIM and memristors in Heterogeneous Electrodynamics numerous biological and medicine phenomena are functioning only as of the HSP nature Thermal Rectifiers are examples.

Nevertheless, the break exists between the scaled experimental results and illegal theoretical one scale homogeneous model or explanations of those. There are might be few fields in the Hierarchical Multiscale Physics that are advancing to the stage of industrial penetration. This is just the Physics that embracing the Homogeneous conventional physics that as we all have been taught in our universities. However, in many fields, disciplines, technologies the advancements came to the prototyping stage. The situation reminds the period of hundred years ago.

I won't enumerate the fields from the website. Nevertheless, developments are quite different for sciences. One of awareness for all, is the industry closely related great problem of the optimization theory for heterogeneous matter tasks involving HSP-VAT based formulation of design. Of those the mathematical statements are more complex then traditional designs. This requires the new optimization simulation techniques and a complete new research to be done for this new class of optimization equations, including analysis of necessary conditions and existence of optimal control. The development of specific computational methods for solving various VAT optimal control problems is also the task in this field.

Finally, I would like to mention that the teaching activity in the HSP-VAT is almost extinct in the USA as well as in other countries. As I estimate that only four professors in the US universities teach the basics of upper scale linear mass-, heat and momentum transport in porous (mostly) and heterogeneous media. Nobody teaches right now the nonlinear and advanced physical topics for heterogeneous media. I am familiar with this situation for more than twenty years, seems as soon as I started each time the new loop in personal training of graduate students or researchers who worked with me. The mean time for moderate training on the graduate level is about two years to start to understand the basics.

Few other examples from the USA, USSR, and worldwide technologies history of wasted money, the money spent for the scaled technologies include, but not limited, to the following:

1) The Chernobyl’ nuclear station disaster history, known to everyone reading person through the helplessness of parties. The problem is so bad that more and more money in need for construction of the new covers for damaged reactor. The problem is that no party can model and simulate correctly enough the heterogeneous media and the variety of transport in that media.

2) Semiconductor’s cooling and Heat sink history that do Intel, IBM, Motorola, etc. companies involved, seen in the website: And this is the multibillion dollar industry.

3) Heat Exchangers technologies - multimillion dollar industry.

4) Space ships thermal protection problem – see my remarks on “Columbia" 2003 return disaster in - In spite that tremendous amount of money (more than 1.5 billion dollars actually) were spent after 2003 mostly for treatment of this and related problems, this remains one of the Achilles heels for the Shuttle spaceship technology. The year 2005 flight of “Discovery" had the thermal protection problems as well. I intend to put my notes on this in continuation of the “Columbia's" part in the website.

Also one can read in one of NASA related report:

“One outcome of all this, the seven said, was out-of-control costs. "At the end of 2 1/2 years and $1.5 billion or more, it is not clear what has been accomplished," they said."

The September 2005 and following flights of Shuttles to ISS have been postponed by NASA. Then, later on in 2006 flights were resumed.

5) White House air poisoning attack project study.

6) Air pollution in towns -

7) Photonic Crystals and generally Heterogeneous Nonlinear Optics development -

8) HTSC studies. It’s not a secret that the High Temperature Superconductors are the Heterogeneous materials - Still being studied as the Homogeneous matter?

9) Miniaturization of memories for computers -

10) Nuclear reduction treaty (USSR, Russia – USA, NATO) negotiations and control procedures. Tremendous difficulties with the control and verification procedures – and these are the Heterogeneous Nonlinear Acoustics (seismic) problems. See the reasons in

11) Noise air pollution problem, aircraft and airport safety assessments.

12) Underground indication, groundwater contamination, seismic exploration of oil-bearing strata, and petroleum clean-up projects see, for example, in - For the first time these issues of the Arctic ocean bottom scanning are in prime focus of five governments, and stakes are pretty high in hydrocarbons north race.

13) Ultrasound detection and accuracy of field detected. Multiple expensive applications in industries and health sciences.

14) The famous plasma technologies of international and of many nationals scale fusion projects as the ITER, etc., where scientists study the things they can not describe actually. Study the subject as ancient priests – by conjectures, forms and huge structures.

15) The cold fusion story is going to proceed in the Multiscale direction -

16) The fashionable "new" industry of nanotechnologies, bionanotech (that substitutes the MEMS) with billions dollars waste of money – well, because it is the multiscale, really multiscale field, that people don’t know how to do the proper scaling, see in our -

17) The sea water oil contamination in the Gulf of Mexico (2010) and further down the Gulf Stream in a form of large lenses is one of the reported changes in the Gulf Stream current location. Which is not completely known apart of investigations outlined by Canada. The impact of that oil contamination needs to be investigated experimentally and in modeling. That modeling can not be provided correctly and accurately with application of homogenized ocean flow in regions of interest.

Etc., etc., in any and each industry might be picked up the examples of wrongdoing.

Experiments, Experimental Evidences, Experimental Needs, etc.

As soon as we accept the fundamental idea that the scale of measurement and of the modeling and data reduction procedures must correspond one to another, we realize that to the consistency of the experimental effort and the modeling of the process should be given the real priority. We are at the very first steps in this direction while speaking about heterogeneous media experiments - Experimental Science in Heterogeneous Media

My studies in the field of heterogeneous scaled energy transport helped to formulate some basis for the convective and conductive problem experimental set-ups for heterogeneous hierarchical media - Semiconductor Coolers.

My experiences and research suggested me that in many areas, experiments with the new devices, technologies often the ends do not meet as long as researchers would be finding themselves within the concepts of inapplicable paradigms. That is why so screwed, scorched are the data reduction techniques, verifications for the cold fusion experiments, for example. People continue to apply the one scale physics known phenomena to the something of new kind of at least two- three scale combined, simultaneous processes.

That was the instant combination of those features in the atomic bomb explosion, no need to consider the local-nonlocal and again local phenomena as long as everything that was in need actually happened. The hot nuclear reactions process assessments in nuclear fuel pellets and their pilings in the nuclear power station reactor are also scaled phenomena in nuclear composites where used the approximate theories and, well, the appropriate coefficients to match the experimental outputs.

The amount of a workforce man-years (and the men lives) put in 40s and 50s into experimental obtaining of those coefficients are incomparable to the workload that Pons and Fleischmann were able to divert from other their university duties.

What Is in the Agenda for Energy Applications Now:

It would be appropriate to mention here a few (just a few the main of many) items, issues that are demanding our attention, approval, and assessment while we considering the many, really many technologies, solutions for energy related tasks.

I would divide them into four large categories:

1) Advanced Energy Conventional Technologies - Adv ECn or simply ECn: Those are the technologies that, at least from the first glance, first observation, belong to the phenomena described by conventional, conformance physics and chemistry. Those are a lot, and they are very promising and might be on the fast track to a prototype available, or in a prototype phase technologies.

Among these Techs I would place, as a matter of personal familiarity, not as the ranked techs, the following:

EC-2) Validated | Directory:Thermal Electric > ENECO Chip Converts Heat to Electricity

EC-7) Directory:Storage > Directory:Batteries > EEStor Ceramic "Battery"

EC-8) Directory:Batteries > Nanotube Super Capacitor Battery

EC-11) Nelson Scientific's Electron Capture

EC-14) Directory:Nuclear > Colliding Plasma Toroid Fusion

EC-63) | Electrolysis > Ecowatts Thermal Energy Cell, and many others.

2) Advanced "Quantum" Leap Energy Technologies - QLn. Those are the breakthroughs with the potential of "quantum" leap in advancement and usefulness energy solutions, benefiting to the human race. Backed up by non-disputed, or challenging front running still conventional science.

Among of the Top 100 on the NEC list to this category might be referring the numbers:

QL-17) Directory:Fusion > Energy/Matter Conversion Corporation

QL-25) Directory:Nuclear > Focus Fusion

QL-71) Directory:Nanotechnology > Nanogenerator Provides Continuous Direct Current.

3) New Paradigm Energy Related Technologies, Devices, Solutions - NPn: Those are as to my choice, sorry, the Cold Fusion the two technologies I've spent years developing 2nd physics theories for - above at the beginning of this page those are "Gravidynamic Kinetic Energy Turbine" or "Kinetic Power Plant (KPP)" by company and Magnetic Motors (by M.Yildiz) - marvellous proofs that not all energy is stored in just Homogeneous matter also High Temperature Superconductiviy based not on Conventional physics, for example "Supermagnets." The list can be prolonged.

To this sub-list from the Top 100 I would ascribe:

NP-1) Directory - Aether > Correas' Aetherometry. The aether, aetherodynamics, and aetherometry will soon be recognized as the source of energy as Tesla knew this in XIX.

We would add here some of the results on Spinning Physics Scaled (SPS), which for decades incorrectly is named as "Torsion" Physics and explain why the name is not accurate in our - "Torsion" or Spinning (Rotation) Physics Scaled (SPS),"

and Scaled Presentation of (

The matter is that the Spinning Physics Scaled is the Polyphase Aether-Material World Physics, that most of physicists don't guess about.

NP - 2) Cold Fusion reactor by A.Rossi:,_2011_Test_of_the_One_Megawatt_E-Cat

Other NP-2, close by ideas, but less effective Cold Fusion experimental schemes, as by Piantelli, which is, o good, a biophysicist mainly. I would like to mention that Piantelli eventually may be considered as the person, researcher who knows some of a real key features for polyscale triggering of the number of scaled actions (you might call them - processes, reactions) in the cold fusion reactor.

We have done sometimes ago the only feasible 3P (Polyscale-Polyphase-Polyphysics) 2nd physics theoretical format explaining the large number of physical processes in the Rossi' type of CF reactors. If journals will refuse to publish (now in the review) the polyscale from the sub-atomic and the aether scales Up to the continuum measurement scales theory we put it in the internet resources soon. Necessarily we do this now 09//2015.

So far the introductions are given in -


Gamma Photons in Rossi's E-Cat Nuclear Reactor and Real Heating Particles and Effects, (

Hierarchical Scaled (HS) Particle Physics in Rossi's E-Cat Nuclear Reactor, (

Now, when even the "Infinite Energy" journal's editorial staff is not of understanding and accepting at least the basics of 2nd physics - they declined the publication of this the only 3P 2nd physics explanation of the phenomena in the CF reactor:

"Top-Down and Bottom-Up Hierarchical Processes in the E-Cat Nuclear Reactor. Physics 2," we are making it available to students and public at this platform -

Top-Down and Bottom-Up Hierarchical Processes in the E-Cat Nuclear Reactor. Physics 2, (

NP-3) Mysterious nuclear activated internal reciprocating expansion/contraction engine process and engine started by J.Papp - "PowerPedia - Joseph_Papp's_Noble_Gas_Engine" ('s_Noble_Gas_Engine)

The J.Papp effect is the nuclear effect first of all, including and other 2nd physics phenomena. And Papp's effect is the Cold Fusion also phenomenon - it is the isomer-spinomer transmutation phenomena done at relatively cold temperatures, our hypothesis. We've developed the possible scenario of polyscale from the particle and nuclear scale 2nd physics where the transmutation of elements and energy release are again the natural consequences of electromagnetic impulses -

"Papp Effect is a Nuclear/Atomic One,"


"Transfer of Energy Up and Down within the Isomer's Nucleus Structural Formula Domain,"


"Pumping of Energy by Noble Gases. Papp Engine Function,"


NP-4) Directory - Electrolysis > Kanarev's Electrolysis, not because of the electrolysis tech, but of the new paradigms atomic physics. Prof. Kanarev, Ph.M. is a pioneer of 2nd physics. This topic should be challenged under the Directory - Quantum or Atomic.

NP-5) Directory - Nuclear > Blacklight Power - Randell Mills "hydrino" device

Well, the physics of hydrogen in Mills' theory is presented incorrectly. The hydrogen and its exchange with the aether in COHP (Conventional One-scale Homogeneous Physics) imagined as of the one scale ball objects with unrelated electromagnetism.

4) Alternative Science Technologies - AlSn. To this category would be ascribed the devices, ideas, technologies based on the really new, but "strange," also unrecognized by the so-called "mainstream" conventional science, or those having characterized as based on questionable "alternative" or weird science paradigms. Those paradigms are not checked against the "Correspondence Principle" or do not comply with the correspondence principle, or authors saying that they are the paradigms themselves, etc. The hardest cases to recognize, still may be having few rules to separate the jams out of a garbage.


V.S. Travkin

Denver, Colorado, USA

Also has connections in Ukraine

See also


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