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Congress:Member:Troy Helming

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Troy Helming


Profile page for New Energy Congress member Troy Helming


Representation : Directory:Krystal Planet

New Energy Congress : Since Nov. 11, 2005

NEC Committees : selecting

Experience in the field of Alt Energy : Founder and CEO of Krystal Planet

Education : (info pending)

Brief Bio

Growing up with a natural interest in things technical, reading Popular Mechanics, and having a dad who had installed a solar heating system on his dream home in the early '80's, it wasn't a huge leap for Helming to become involved himself in alternative energy.

The thing that transformed alternative energy from a hobby into a business was his reading of an article that pointed out that the three windiest states in the U.S. could power the entire country, with just 18% of the land mass of those three states covered with wind turbines. He happened to live in one of the states mentioned: Kansas.

He sold his telecommunications company and in 1999 founded a company that specialized in utility-scale wind energy generation. After acquiring contracts and/or agreements to develop 300 megawatts worth of power (enough to power around 60,000 homes), he sold the company in 2003. He wanted to go for a more grassroots approach to solving the emerging energy crisis.

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| Since then, in addition to founding Krystal Planet, he has written a book, The Clean Power Revolution, in which he sets forth what he calls "The Freedom Plan." That plan proposes a means by which the United States (or any country) could become completely free of oil-dependence in just ten years, without any government program involved -- using a market-based, customer-appealing approach. Audio files and white papers are available for free from the Krystal Planet website, as well as from a site Helming launched specifically for the project: ||


Helming sees himself, among others, as providing a key role in the leadership to bring about the fulfillment of this plan. Helming is looking for energy companies and other companies to add their endorsement to the plan, to help give it stature and to bring about its fulfillment.

He says implementing this plan would "convert America to 100% clean renewable power and save the U.S. economy $20 Trillion by 2025."

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Kansas City, Kansas, USA

Phone: 913.312.8872

Krystal Planet

8527 Bluejacket Street

Lenexa, KS, 66214

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