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Congress:Member:Terry Sisson

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Terry Sisson


Profile page for New Energy Congress founding member Terry Sisson.




Representation : New Energy Movement board

New Energy Congress : Since Sept. 29, 2005.

Committees : (selection pending)

Experience in the field of Alt Energy : Has analyzed many hundreds of new energy devices, conducted experiments and visited many inventors over the past 29 years.

Education : Degrees in Secondary Education and Electronics, with post and graduate courses in Instructional Design and Electrical Engineering. Sisson began teaching electronics at a university when he was 21. Strong physics background.


: Mr. Sisson is a futurist and visionary who is in direct communication with many of the world’s leading thinkers and inventors. His goal is to improve the quality of life for all.

: One of Mr. Sisson’s primary goals is to leave a more secure and sustainable world behind for future generations through the development and widespread deployment of sustainable communities. After devoting ten years to this goal, he claims that all the technologies, people, and resources are finally available to make this happen.

: He is a founder of the Humanitarian Alliance and co-founder of World Harmony Foundation (Australia). Their purpose is to unite other humanitarian and nonprofit organizations around the world to support or actively develop sustainable communities.

: Mr. Sisson is founder of MadeByKids, a global hands-on educational and skill development program that focuses the youth on creating their future. This intergenerational program utilizes the knowledge, wisdom, and experience of the elders to collectively create examples of what the youth desire for their future. MadeByKids manifests the dreams of the youth by building a future where sustainability and abundance exists for all.

: Mr. Sisson holds degrees in Secondary Education and Electronics from the University of Akron. He instructed Electronics at the University of Akron. He later trained field engineers chip level repair on the world’s most advanced multiprocessor electronic control systems and installed New Zealand’s first Computerized Tomography (CT) Scanner. He received a teaching certification in Colorado, where he lives today.

: He has traveled to over 40 countries. He has lectured internationally and interviewed by numerous newspapers, radio, and television stations throughout the world.

: As an entrepreneur, Mr. Sisson has established and directed over 37 companies in many different fields, the longest lasting 35 years. One of Mr. Sisson’s passions is inventing, researching, testing, and building highly advanced energy systems. He has continued this quest for over 29 years. He is currently the founder and director of Synergy Magnetics, a core group of devoted scientists developing and implementing magnetic technologies to deliver all the energy we need from magnets.


Terry Sisson

Colorado, USA

phone: 303-252-8888

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