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Congress:Member:Tai Robinson

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Tai Robinson

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Profile page for New Energy Congress member Tai Robinson

Image:Hydrogen hummer intergallacticH 95x95.jpg



Representation : President of Intergalactic Hydrogen and H2 Test Labs

: Intergalactic Hydrogen - provides MADE-IN-USA renewable energy products & cleaner fuel options that work with today's infrastructure and beyond. We build multi-fuel, hydrogen, methane, propane, biodiesel and ethanol automobiles and appliances. We promote the clean fuel revolution through educational workshops and engineering consultation. Reduce your footprint on the planet with American Fuel Vehicles (AFV's) and declare your energy independence.

: Builds / converts multi-fuel, hydrogen, methane, propane, biodiesel and ethanol automobiles and appliances. Services include alternative fuel vehicle diagnostic and repair. Also sells wind turbines, solar systems, and fuel cell kits.

New Energy Congress : Founding Member Since Oct. 2, 2005

Committees : (enter here)

Experience in the field of Alt Energy : 1999 - Designed and built hydrogen powered lawn mower

: 2000 - Design, engineer, develop a hydrogen powered go-kart

: 2001 - Vehicle integration of a CNG van to also use blends of H2, Drive for Life participant

: 2002 - Chief engineer, develop prototype H2TOY, an open loop, manual system to run a Toyota Tacoma on H2, CNG or any blend of the two

: 2003 - Drive to Survive participant cross country caravan on compressed H2 for fuel

: 2003 - Design engineer for the multi-fuel GreenHummer - H2, CNG, Veggie Oil, BioDiesel demonstration project

: 2004 - Design engineer for the HydrogenHummer development project. H2, CNG or any blend, ready for deployment Technical articles published on,,, and the Institute of Ecolonomics newsleter.

Correspondent - H2Nation magazine

Education : Honorary PhD in hydrogen transportation from the American Hydrogen Association

NEC Technology Review Specialties

Tai is a specialist for NEC on fuels, especially cleaner ones like methane and hydrogen, and bio-fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel. The following technologirs come from the Congress:Top 100 Technologies -- RD list, for which Tai serves as the NEC specialist.

Image:SHEC array 100.jpg

There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] - Has developed a process that will convert landfill and other waste methane into clean hydrogen, using the power of the Sun for the reformation, at a price comparable to traditional hydrogen production methods. (

Image:Magnegas PlasmaArc flow 95x95.jpg

There was an error working with the wiki: Code[2] - MagneGas Technology has been developed to process liquid wastes into a clean burning fuel known as magnegas, plus heat and other usable byproducts, said processing occurring without noise, liquid, gaseous or other pollutions. New discoveries of science involved. (

There was an error working with the wiki: Code[3] - techniques the produce high pressure H2 directly from electrolysis, for savings in efficiency of production infrastructure. ( (

Brief Bio

Tai W. Robinson ::: Clean Fuel Specialist

Tai Robinson drives his H2TOY Tacoma to renewable energy events around America demonstrating hydrogen, natural gas, ethanol, biodiesel, propane, methanol, solar and wind electricty to promote the clean fuel revolution. In 2003 his truck made history by leading Dennis Weaver's Drive to Survive from coast to coast using compressed hydrogen for fuel. Tai teaches about the benefits of cleaner fuels to government officials, business owners, fleet operators and students at primary schools and universities. Tai got his start in energy conservation very early on by watching his father design and build engines that run on hydrogen fuel. Later on while Tai was in school he also became a champion athlete competing on the World Cup tour as an Aerialist for the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team. Since then, Tai has joined forces with his father, Fred Robinson to create Intergalactic Hydrogen, a vehicle integration, fuel system upgrade and technology advancement enterprise. Intergalactic offers cleaner fuel vehicles to fleets and retail customers. To learn more about how you can declare energy independence, start your search at:

Image:Tai Robinson Intergalactic Hydrogen Bridal Veils 95x95.jpg

Download (13 Mb mp3) - On June 9, 2008, Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan conducted a 1-hour, live interview with Tai Robinson as part of the Free Energy Now radio series. An overview of how to convert existing vehicles into clean fuel vehicles, running on multiple local fuels. A look at the process, costs, and other considerations regarding alternative fuels in general.

Image:EveryDay-with-Marcus-Lisa 95x95.jpg
Latest: There was an error working with the wiki: Code[1] > New Energy Congress to be Featured Live on EveryDay TV Show - A national television program will feature Sterling Allan and Tai Robinson showcasing some products available now to increase energy efficiency while saving money and increasing the quality of life. (PESN Feb. 8, 2009)


(19min 20sec)

The Water Makers preview - World Record Hydrogen Drive (2:42)

Multi-Fuel Tacoma - H2, CNG, E85, no gasoline required! - TeslaTech Extra Ordinary Technology Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2006

How Would You Like To Save 75% of Your Fuel Cost Using Compressed Natural Gas! (8min 20sec) - Tesla Tech ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2007

Intergalactic Hydrogen Hummer (1min 20sec) - At the Delta Montrose Electric Association Renewable Energy Conference in Montrose, Colorado, March 8, 2007. KJCT8 TV Grand Junction

Sterling Allan interviews Tai Robinson (27 min raw version) - At the ExtraOrdinary Technology conference in Salt Lake City, July 28-31, 2005.

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! interviews Tai Robinson (with Brad Berman, - At Sol Fest X in Hopland, California, August 20-21, 2005


H2H2 Hydrogen HUMMER - W. Fred Robinson describes the multi-fuel H2H2 Hydrogen HUMMER @ TeslaTech ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2006

Other Bio Material

Pair touts hydrogen-powered cars The Durango Herald

A Green Hummer? PBS

Green Hummer for Schwarzenegger? Tai Robinson on

Hydrogen cars ready to roll — for a price - Green Machines -

Tai Robinson interview with Electrifying Times

Hydrogen Heroics 2003 Michelin Challenge Bibendum, October 11, 2003

Tai's H2TOY interview by Bill Moore


Blog:AFV Cross-Country Drive Feb 2009 - Track the progress of Tai and Sterling as they travel to Atlanta (on Natl. TV on Feb. 17, 2009) and back to Salt Lake.

Solar Living Institute - Sol Fest 2008

Events:2008:ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference - Presentation at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference Albuquerque, New Mexico • July 31-August 3, 2008

Image:IntergalacticHydrogenXprize95x95 byKevn.jpg

Directory:X Prize:Automotive / Directory:Fuel Efficiency Alternative Fuels > Intergalactic Hydrogen Expects to Win Auto X-Prize - Using off-the-shelf components and technology they have mastered, Tai and Fred Robinson say they can surpass 100 mpg-equivalent using a high-efficiency stock vehicle modified to run on hydrogen. (PESN Aug. 9, 2008)

Energy Independence and Market Freedom for Fuel Cells - Low emissions, fuel flexibility, and high efficiency of these long-standing inventions, which actually pre-dated the oil-burning engine, makes Fuel Cells for a positive step toward an economy independent of foreign sources of energy. (PESN Oct. 9, 2006)

Image:Tai Robinson Intergalactic Hydrogen Bridal Veils 95x95.jpg

NEC Announces Substitute Presentation for Joe Cell Seminar - Tai Robinson to speak on clean fuel conversions at July 30 seminar in Salt Lake City. (PESN June 30, 2006)

Hydrogen embrittlement not a substantial threat - Hydrogen-conversion expert, and clean-fuel specialist, Tai Robinson, responds to assertion that when hydrogen gas dissolves into the structure of certain metals such as aluminum & steels, it can cause cracking and failure of metal components. (PESN Nov. 18, 2005)

Clean Cities 05 ::: Tai Robinson Reports Report form the 11th annual Clean Cities Conference and Expo. (May 1-4, 2005)

Cleaner Fuel Vehicles - Saving You Money in America Tai Robinson reports to

Tech Corner

Bill Richardson's Energy Roundup WestGov North American Energy Summit in Albuquerque, New Mexico April 24, 2004

PESWiki Articles

Directory:High Pressure Electrolysis - techniques the produce high pressure H2 directly from electrolysis, for savings in efficiency of production infrastructure.


Tai W. Robinson ::: H2 TEST LAB


cell : 801.201.7370

fax : 801.944.3704

email : []

Image:Tai Robinson Toyota BridalVeils.jpg

Tai Rabinson with his H2-powered truck at Bridal Veil Falls, Utah

: "Even with the increase in cost of natural gas during the hurricanes, the cost of CNG for my vehicle was less than 1/3 the price of gasoline. Renewable hydrogen in Phoenix Arizona is less than 1/2 the cost of gasoline. With a little planing, existing infrastructure can be used to get any where across the country without the use of gasoline."

: "It is time to choose a cleaner fuel for transportation requirements. Everyone has the opportunity to switch right now. Your investment will be paid off weather you use government grants and tax credits, or not. With home refueling you can even save time as well as money."

: "I know lots of people are tired of being held hostage by the oil pump. If you want to do something about it, call me." (March 5, 2006)

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