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Congress:Member:Noah Seidman

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Noah Seidman


Profile page for New Energy Congress member Noah Seidman

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Representation : (Site:Water/Fuel Converters Project here at PESWiki).

New Energy Congress : Since Dec. 20, 2006.

Committees : Electrical Engineering, Watchdog

Experience in the field of Alt Energy : Highly proficiency in common ducted electrolytic technologies (Brown's Gas, Rhodes Gas, Oxy-Hydrogen, HHO) and the production methods thereof.

Education : B.S. Electrical Engineering, Hofstra University, 2006.

Energy Field Specialties

Directory:Hydrogen from Water

Directory:Fuel Efficiency Hydrogen Injection

Directory:Brown's Gas

Specific Technology Specialist

Directory:Tesla Motors, Inc.

Brief Bio

Noah Seidman attended Hofstra University on Long Island in NY state. He received his Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering in 2006. Without this education the concepts required for the comprehension of hydrogen and oxygen mixtures would not exist, therefore this education is the crux of the Site:Water/Fuel Converters Project.

Noah Seidman is the creator of Water Fuel LLC, which is the company behind the Site:Water/Fuel Converters Project. The company is designed to pursue the utilization of hydrogen based fuel to enhance carbon fuel combustion.

Energy Snapshots Water Fuel LLC Introduction

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Noah Seidman

Bayside, NY, USA

phone: (646) 296 - 5385

email: and

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