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Congress:Member:Demetrius Ross

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Demetrius Ross

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Profile page for New Energy Congress member Demetrius Ross


Specialties: Geothermal, Wind, Capital Resources.

Brief Bio

M.S. Computer Network Engineering

Geothermal Technologies

Computer Network Technologies

Environmental Sciences


Energy Snapshot

10 years have been mentored by Lou Dodge, multi million contract with govt. coal steam oil processing.

Introduced to Williams in Tulsa OK, Williams Communication to old oil lines, ran fibers through them, started their own network.

Renewable energy is the key it's going to be the future.

started studying geothermal 2-3 years ago

Gov. of CO just opened governor's energy office.

National geothermal certification read books, talked to governor

State buildings want to be 20% green by 2010.

Partner with guys, license dealers of geothermal heat pumps.

Great industry, growing. My favorite a "sleeper."

I was working on an interactive black box project. Govt. came in, wanted to suppress data, wouldn't let us file for patent had to go through DOD review, red tape. 911 had just happened. They were afraid that someone could hack into it an fly the plane from the ground. Guy working with was regional manager he wanted to kill project, even after we got green light from Lou another guy Bob didn't want to do it anymore. Never got it off the ground prototypes not fully made.

I do fuel cell cars one buddy working on it. It's a great time for this [explosion of knowledge] to happen.

Technical background

Hope to integrate the two

Putting sensors on loops collecting data.

Ran across all kinds of different technology.

William Leftwitch put machine in rivers, creates subcurrent energy.

Another guy with wind turbine looks like ? turbine starts generating at 1 mph. Works on magnets.

I've come across with guys with lot of great ideas put people in touch.

Presently technical consulting want to transition into geothermal full-time.


Digital Prismatic Disc Format, Inventor.

Digital prismatic disc format


:Geo 1 Solutions, LLC :

20137 East 42nd Place

Denver, CO 80249-7302

Phone: 720-434-7850

Fax: 720-528-7850

E-Mail: [}?]


Demetrius Ross :

20137 East 42nd

Denver, CO 80249-7302

Phone: 720-434-7850


E-Mail: []

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