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Congress:Member:Charles Bensinger

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Charles Bensinger

Profile page for New Energy Congress member Charles Bensinger

Image:BioFuel station RenewableEnergyPartners 400.jpg

A multi-fuel pump station designed and operated by Renewable Energy Partners.



Representation :

New Energy Congress : Since Feb. 12, 2008.

Committees : Business Viability Capital Sources Advisory Open Sourcing

Experience in the field of Alt Energy : Real-world experience in assessing commercial viability of technologies.

Specialty Areas : Wind, Biofuels, Water Fuel Cells

Special Task : Environmental and Energy Community Liaison and Development Coordinator

Education : (list)


Utility-scale wind project developer, hydrogen electrolysis

development and user, hydrogen car builder and fuel cell user, funded,

manage and operate two retail biofuels stations, developing cellulosic

ethanol and algae biodiesel production facilities, experience with

oxyhydrogen systems, working with ultrasound water purification technologies

Brief Bio

A summary of my work experience over the past 25 years:

Author of 7 published books, 3 on video production techniques. See

Played major role in creating renewable energy legislation for New Mexico and persuading state’s largest utility to build 204 MW windfarm in NM.

Partner in New Mexico WindForce windfarm development company

Co-Director of Renewable Energy Partners of NM, a 501-c3 that developed state’s primary ethanol and biodiesel retail gas stations. Designed and manage nation’s first triple-biofuels dispensers. Grew retail biofuel business from zero to $1 million in sales in first year. See

Helped develop first biofuels distribution network in New Mexico.

Served on Governor Richardson’s Climate Change Advisory Task Force as biofuels expert.

Built solar to hydrogen systems. Had car converted to run on hydrogen. Have installed and tested oxy-hydrogen system in personal vehicle.

Managed to persuade state’s largest electrical utility and state’s new commuter railroad (RailRunner) to use biodiesel exclusively.

Partner in company developing small, distributed ethanol processing facilities that will make ethanol from waste potatoes from the San Luis Valley in Colorado and biodiesel from dairy, forest waste and algae.

Partnering with local inventor/industrial engineer (who has major R&D facility available) to demonstrate his algae to biodiesel technology in next 30 days and build large-scale manufacturing capability over the next six months.

Helping to develop and commercialize new ultrasound plus microbial water purification technology that has great potential for purifying wastewater and desalinating salt water at much lower energy cost than conventional systems.

Purchased and have been using several SCENAR devices for past six months, thanks to your interview last summer alerting me to the technology.

Have begun communications with Global Resources’ microwave processing system re: using system to gasify tires and hydrocarbons at major landfill in NM.


Charles Bensinger

Santa Fe, New Mexico


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