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Congress:Member:Andrew Ferrand Stobart

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Andrew Ferrand Stobart

Profile page for New Energy Congress member Andrew Ferrand Stobart




Representation :

New Energy Congress : Since Feb. 2, 2007

Committees : Scientific

Experience in the field of Alt Energy : Secretary of the Grünhaus Project & general contact with UK Energy matters

Education : BSc Chemical Engineering


As I shall be 80 in July I suspect that I might become one of your oldest

members !!

My main strength, as Secretary of the Grünhaus Project, is as a source of information on all manner of Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technologies, building up to the proposed Database.

Industrial Career

Nine years Chemical Process Industry, General Foreman, Plant Manager, Chemical

Engineering Design Manager, Technical Services Manager.

Eight years steel pipe Sales and Marketing, special steels, Worldwide. Manager, Europe for US Company.

Twenty four years systems installation in Resource Control and Productivity Improvement, Including Operational

and Financial Analysis. Over 60 successful projects ( no failures). Client's benefits generated averaged £450k p.a. per project.

Typical departments worked in included

Accounting, Assembly, Clerical, Computers, Design, Food Processing, Hotels, Hospitals, Inspection & QC, Machine Shops, Manufacturing, Maintenance (in house & contract) Packing, Production Control, Production Engineering, Process Plants, Railways, Rubber Industry, Sales, Stores & Warehousing, Telephone Installation, Work Study Dept Productivity Improvement (!) In Government controlled and Private companies.

Work on Renewable Energy Inventor of the Trimblemill, a contra-rotating wind turbine for heating buildings (1974-78). One was installed on the roof of Earls Court for the 1981 Ideal Homes Exhibition. Now re-starting work on a new concept for the Integrally Linked Multiple Array (ILMA) multirotor wind energy collector.

Publications etc

Operating Manual, Phthalic Anhydride Plant, Dominion Tar & Chemical Co, Toronto, Canada, 1953

The Pebble Bed De-Stencher, Chemical Engineer 1962

Sales Research and Development, Chemical Engineer 1964

Heating from Wind Building Technology & Management, 1981

Wind Energy.some notes on its collection, storage and application Energy World 1983

The Economic Challenge of Economic Wind Energy & Windmills IEE Lecture, Leeds, 1986

The Greenhouse Effect and the Cost of Pollution Talk given Oct 1986, published in Scorpion in 1987,

re-published in Energy World 1988. See also

The Chemical and Engineering Possibilities for Renewable Energy. Talk to Edinburgh University,1986

Where has all the Money Gone, Energy World 1991 (Energy Wastage)

Notes on the Training of Supervisors (for Shropshire CCTE)1997

Responsible in whole or in part for writing over 60 instruction manuals for Supervisory Control Systems.

Official Bodies

On the Renewable Energy Consultation Panels for the DTI , DEFRA, and the National Assembly for Wales.

Secretary for the Grunhaus Project, Liverpool (Design & construction of an Energy Self Sufficient Building, with proposed Comprehensive On-line Sustainable Technology Database Facility).

Member of many Internet Energy “Groups?

Other expertise available

Market Intelligence Systems, including Manual and Computer Routines, installation

& staff training. Website construction.

Supervisory Control Systems, including installation, staff training & procedure manuals.

Training sessions given on Supervisory Control Systems and Productivity improvement.

Talks given on Environmental Subjects and Sustainability.


Writing (Technical Articles, Scifi ghost stories,), Gardening, Bridge, History,

President, Age Concern, Leominster & District AFS/as January 2007

Energy Snapshots

Contra Rotating Wind Turbines, professional [inventor & helped develop and


Other Profile Pages


Yahoo Groups


Andrew Ferrand Stobart

+44 (0) 1 568 7980837:

Ludlow, shropshire, UK

See also


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