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New Energy Congress

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New Energy Congress


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Category:New Energy Congress

New page, created Oct. 16, 2007, to supplement the Congress:Specialists page.

Each member of the New Energy Congress has been requested to identify at least one:

area of expertise in a specific field of clean energy, such as "vertical-axis wind turbines"

and at least one:

specific Top 100 Clean Energy Technology for which to serve as a specialist.

This page is designed to provide instructions for this task.


Specific Field of Clean Energy


#Go to the Congress:Specialists page opening section to identify at least one specific energy field for which you are willing to serve as a specialist.

#Add your name following that item as an NEC Specialist.

#Add that item following your name in the lower section of the page ("Congress:Specialists"), indicating that you are a specialist for that technology field.

#Add this info to your profile page. (See Congress:Member:Noah Seidman.)

The link in the directory will be formatted like this:

: NEC Specialist: Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan

If the directory bullet has one asterisk (), on the next line, you will add one more asterisk and then post the notice that you are an NEC Specialist for that topic. If it has two asterisks (), you will use three for your bullet, etc., to increase indentation.

For example:

: Directory:Fuel Efficiency

: NEC Specialist: Congress:Member:Tai Robinson

will look like this:

Directory:Fuel Efficiency

NEC Specialist: Congress:Member:Tai Robinson

Top 100 Energy Technology Specialty


#Review the Top 100 technologies

#Decide on the one with which you are most familiar, and for which you could therefore serve as a specialist

#Add your name to that item as an NEC Specialist. Probably the best place to do this is in the "Contact" section near the end of most pages. Add a subsection === NEC Specialist ===, then add a link to your profile page. If there is more than one NEC specialist, then they can all be listed using the bullet () function.

#Add this info to your profile page. (See Congress:Member:Noah Seidman.)

Here is an example of how to format a tag following a Top 100 bullet for which you wish to serve as a specialist.

(NEC Specialist: Congress:Member:Sterling D. Allan)

This will come at the end of the bullet, before the code.