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Congress:Help:PESWiki Knowledgeable

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New Energy Congress

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New Energy Congress


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Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies

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Category:New Energy Congress

The following Congress:Members of the New Energy Congress have varying levels of knowledge and ability with PESWiki formatting, and may be willing to help those NEC members who are less knowledgeable to accomplish PESWiki editing tasks relevant to NEC functions.


Listed generally in sequence of level of being conversant with PESWiki mark-up. Feel free to move your name upward if you have a high level of confidence and ability with PESWiki, and willingness to help other NEC members.

Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan is the founder and director of NEC, and also the founder and director of PESWiki.

User:SilverThunder | Activity

Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor - is very active at PESWiki

User:Leslie R. Pastor | Activity

Congress:Member:Noah Seidman - is quite PESWiki knowledgeable. He has built a few NEC member profile pages.

User:Nseidm1 | Activity

Congress:Member:Sepp Hasslberger - has quite a bit of PESWiki experience.

User:Vortexpower | Activity

Congress:Member:Terry Sisson - has some PESWiki experience.

User:Twsisson | Activity

Congress:Member:Todd C. Hathaway - has some PESWiki experience. He built his own profile page.

User:Altenergy | Activity

Congress:Member:Tai Robinson - has some PESWiki experience. He built his own profile page.

User:Airtai | Activity

Congress:Member:Jonathan Bonanno - has some PESWiki experience. He built his own profile page.

User:Jonb | Activity

Congress:Member:Michael Riversong - helped build Reprint:Tesla's Solar Ideas.

User:Mriversong | Activity

Congress:Member:Troy Helming - has some PESWiki experience. He built his own profile page.

User:TroyHelming | Activity

Congress:Member:Renrick A. Tulloch - has some PESWiki experience. He built his own profile page.

User:Rtulloch | Activity

Congress:Member:Francis Giroux - has some PESWiki experience.

User:H2boost | Activity

Congress:Member:Ronald W. Frazier - has some PESWiki experience.

User:Rfrazier | Activity

Congress:Member:Adrian Akau - has some PESWiki experience. Helped build his profile page.

User:AdrianAkau | Activity

Congress:Member:Kenneth M. Rauen - a little experience at PESWiki.

User:Krauen | Activity

Congress:Member:Stephen Kaplan - no experience yet but has had some training.

User:Kap808 | Activity