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A newsletter - Provides general information regarding NEC issues, action items, and major developments. Frequency: generally less than once per week.

Email/Web forums

Within the Congress, discussion takes place primarily in two limited-access discussion groups:, and An NEC member needs to be able to access his/her YahooGroups account online to participate in the voting that takes place via the "polls" feature.

NEC-Forum is for discussing general matters relevant to the Congress. The vote/poll feature is used for approving general NEC matters, as well as new NEC members.

NEC-TechRev is for discussing specific technologies under review. The vote/poll feature is used for providing a rough assessment of technologies under consideration.

Other private discussion lists exist for the various committees of the Congress, such as technology screening, membership screening, and capital resources screening. (See comprehensive listing of forums [members only, pw required])

Other Forums

PESWiki Website

This PESWiki website provides the primary repository for the collection of public information pertaining to the various technologies reviewed by the Congress.

PESWiki is a publicly editable website. Some pages are protected so that only those with "Sysop" privileges can modify their contents.

The public is welcome to help improve the quality of the content, focusing on accuracy, clarity, relevance, and balance. NEC members can be of special assistance by way of providing generally the most accurate, clear, and relevant information.

Each page has a "discussion" tab at the top where comments about the page can be posted. Comments can also be posted within the page itself.

Conference Calls

We hold a conference phone call every 1.5 weeks, which lasts under an hour. NEC members should participate when a topic of their specialty is covered. If you cannot join the call due to a schedule conflict, then a preview or follow-up with someone able to attend would be appropriate.

See Congress:Conference Call


At least twice a year, NEC members will assemble in person at a geographical location as opposed to a virtual one. Each Congress member should try to attend at least one of these retreats at least every other year.