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Congress:Former Member:Scott Cumberland

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Scott Cumberland

Profile page for New Energy Congress former member Scott Cumberland



Representation : (energy organizations and position)

New Energy Congress : Joined Sept. 24, 2007 removed Sept. 19, 2008 for lack of adequate involvement

Areas of Specialty: Solar, Batteries, Electric Vehicles

Expertise: A technical understanding of energy technologies and the barriers to entry for the technologies versus current technologies.

Committees : Chemistry, Patents, Business Viability, R&R

Experience in the field of Alt Energy : (brief synopsis)

Education : PhD, Chemistry, University of California, Santa Barbara

Brief Bio

Energy Snapshots

Worked on cadmium selenide-gold nanoparticle hybrid structures for use in photovoltaic devices as part of graduate research.

Developed highly efficient water purification systems for removal of microorganisms from contaminated water. Patent numbers US6989101B2, US20050242041A1, The Clorox Company/Brita.

: "I want to be part of a force that is driving the adoption of emerging technologies that allow for world-wide independence from fossil fuel technologies that contribute to global warming and general decimation of the planet. I want to make the world a better place for my children and their children and I believe the only way we will obtain this goal is to develop technologies that are environmentally friendly. There is a great push in this direction currently. However, much of the work in this area is based on hype to generate short term media attention and there is a need to clearly articulate the true benefits of a technology versus the hype surrounding it. I currently consult for a capital investment company interested in investing in such technologies and I help them understand the potential of the technologies from a scientific as well as business perspective." -- Scott Cumberland (Sept. 14, 2007)

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Scott Cumberland

Pleasanton, CA, USA 94588


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