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Congress:Former Member:Robert A. Patterson

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Robert A. Patterson

Profile page for New Energy Congress former member Robert A. Patterson



Representation :

New Energy Congress : Joined March 25, 2006 Resigned Jan. 17, 2007

Committees : Business Viability Electrical Engineering Patents General Physics

Experience in the field of Alt Energy : Ten years equivalent invented Ram Implosion Wing promoting Quantum Gravitics.

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Ram Implosion Wing and Electrogravitic Implosion Propulsion System (10 min wmv, streaming) - Sterling D. Allan interviews Robert A. Patterson covers his ram wing that allegedly can sometimes doubles mileage, his Dampened Waved Oscillatory Unit (DOGU), and how he came upon these ideas. (OSEN Sept. 22, 2005)

Ram Implosion Wing Developments - Recent replications claim to confirm effect in which special aerodynamic shape is alleged to create an air vortex that increases vehicle mileage and decreases airflow disturbance. (PESN March 8, 2005)

Robert Patterson Speaks on Vortex Mechanics and the Ram Implosion Wing - Reverse-teardrop shape is created aerodynamically on existing vehicles through the installation of a hyperbolic shaped wing that allegedly builds a vortex ahead of the vehicle. (Pure Energy Systems News July 31, 2004)


Method and apparatus for quantum vortex implosion propulsion and species - United States Patent Application 20050109879 Patterson, Robert A. May 26, 2005

Abstract : System for converting high frequency quantum electrodynamic radiation energy and at least one atom through cavity vacuum fluctuations and converting same into a superconductive electrical implosion propulsion energy from zero point energy at a frequency that is amenable to conversion to electrical and implosive propulsion and superconductive energy extracted within an environment having a desired voltage and a reversed waveform such that the emitted energy returns into the system to be recycled. In an externally winged craft comprising a selectively shaped vacuum cohesive fuselage and means for providing lift and propulsion for an aircraft generating an enormous electrostatic vortex lifting force when energized in conjunction with the quantum electrodynamic vortex implosion propulsion system and power plant maximizing fuel efficiencies including the extraction of usable energy from the vacuum of space. Actually riding on or in the shock waves verses the brute force disruption of the environment's equilibrium, as is the case with conventional modes of transportation or aircraft design.

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Robert A. Patterson


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