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Oztronix Studios

Profile page for New Energy Congress FORMER member Oztronix Studios

: "Yes, man WILL SOON get to the stars, but, the new, MORE important question is now here: what he will be doing when he gets there?"



Representation : http://Oztronix.Com

New Energy Congress : Joined: Feb. 22, 2006 Removed from membership on Dec. 6, 2006 for lack of achieving minimal activity.

Committees : General Physics Electrical Engineering Capital Sources Advisory Open Sourcing

Experience in the field of Alt Energy : Review and development of two devices.

Education : Croatian Schools Centre: Mechanical Engineering Teaching & Pedagogy Machines & Elements Computers & Electronics Music Theory & Multimedia

Brief Bio

With 2 of my team mates, I have envisioned the device(s)that will provide free electricity (energy) for EVERY household on the planet, specially dedicated to POOR families, as our own, and third world countries, relieving them (and us) for the enormous amounts of money that way, which will be used for MEDICAL & HOSPITALS development than, and partly free all of the mankind of his 50% living costs at the present, that I believe to go on ENERGY(es) PROBLEM today. Our design should be enviro-clean, have NO combustion of any kind, use NO fuel of any kind, but: collect what is already given in abundance, by God himself.(Which is the actual way IT SUPPOSED to be).

-- Michael V.

Energy Snapshots


Our research areas are changeable, and of April, 2006 are:

-Free Energy, Devices & associated patents (from 19-th century up to date).

-Technologies of other civilisations (main focus is again on - energy systems only, NOT on transport, flight or related issues).

-Range of "non-conventonally" covered energy streams - frequencies (low stream and special stream energies: ether, solar, magnetic, flux, below 1 v energies and lower streams and implications, as well as manipulation, storage, and evaluating / combining of mentioned...)

-New Physics (atomic & sub-atomic) in the light of special stream energies, and awareness of non-local conscience, with the respect to the external observer(s).

-From precise electronics, so far we test only on demand DC-DC boost converter chips, of 1v AND lower input:

-Blue Chips (DC-DC ONLY !) fror LOW voltage and cascaded energy systems, (media players, free energy, research devices, etc)

(Such as: DC-DC UPSAMPLING chips comparisements, architecture, topology, as well as

product quality tests (please, do NOT submit free samples of your blue chips without complete logistics (drawings, connection schemes, and

specially: "stuff that end-customer will get" , which is MOST important part of our research, that will be submitted back to you as a report on

"How can I improve my existing product AND his logistics", thanks).

-It's NOT guaranteed that we will be able to do the report on your product in less than 1 month (due to volume of received chips so far,

but, it WILL be done definitely about that time, and sent back to you with FULL report & sugesstions to you.

-As far: we are evaluating 2 Free Energy systems, of our own, based on low voltage streams, and alternative energy sources, being still in research phase, and looking for organisations interested to financially fund our research to more serious stage.

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Oztronix Studios


Fax: +6130398794232

VIC, Australia

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