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Congress:Former Member:Michael Schuckel

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Michael Schuckel


Profile page for New Energy Congress former member Michael Schuckel



Representation : Directory:Joseph Flynn's Parallel Path technology at PESWiki

New Energy Congress : Joined March 16, 2006 resigned May 22, 2009.

Committees [former] : Electrical Engineering General Physics Nuclear Engineering Chemistry

Experience in the field of Alt Energy : 15 years equivalent: 10 years experience in the govermental industrial electronics 5 years experences in consumer electronics 12 years experence in micro controller development and electronics hardware design. Tesla switch develpopment (hobby) Magnet motor development (hobby) Parallel Path motor/generator development (professional/hobby) Magnetic amplifiers (hobby).

Education : Associates degree, Electronics


Mike Schuckel to Talk about Flynn Parallel Path Energy Technology - Live interview on Sat. 3:00 - 3:55 pm Pacific with Mr. Schuckel, who has been following Joseph Flynn's Parallel Path technology both as an observer as well as a researcher, having built several replicas of the technology. (PESN Aug. 12, 2006)

Brief Bio

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Classifieds > Looking for Turnkey Microcontroller Contracts - Michael L. Schuckel specializes in PC board design, electronics circuitry design, and microcontroller software development. Is seeking turnkey contract jobs. Built Flynn's parallel path motor from the patent. (FreeEnergyNews Mar. 15, 2006)

Flynn's Parallel Path technology

Micheal Schuckel has successfully replicated several variations of Flynn's Parallel Path technology, and has a close working relationship with Joseph Flynn. He has agreed to provide a clear set of instructions of how to build both the simple static device to illustrate the parallel path concept, as well as how to build a Flynn PP motor. The following are links to the related project pages and discussion group that goes with them.

Image:Flynn Parallel Path proof sq 95x95.jpg

Directory:Flynn Parallel Path principle device (COMPLETE) - instructions of how to build a simple device to illustrate the basic principle of Flynn's parallel path technology.

Image:Schukel Flynn Motor design OEM 95x118.gif

Directory:Flynn Parallel Path OEM motor (PENDING) - [Never-before built] Instructions of how to build a motor using off-the-shelf components. The design, which integrates the Flynn parallel path technology, is proposed by Mike Schukel, who has successfully built several Flynn motors. This option is presented as a much more simple approach than the following one, which involves some heavy time and labor for building the laminants.

Directory:Flynn Parallel Path motor (PENDING) - Instructions of how to build a motor using Flynn's parallel path technology. This is based on a motor that Mike Schukel built and demonstrated to work with 3.5 times more output power than a normal motor of its electrical input and size. Building it is labor intensive.

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Michael Schuckel


Indiana, USA

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