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Congress:Former Member:Jim Hughes

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Jim Hughes


Profile page for New Energy Congress former member Jim Hughes, who resigned on Nov. 30, 2009.



Representation : (energy organizations and position)

New Energy Congress : From July 19, 2007 to Nov. 30, 2009.

Committees : Capital Sources Advisory Business Viability Membership Administrative

Experience in the field of Alt Energy : (brief synopsis)

Education : Finance - BBA, CLU, CFP

Brief Bio

On July 10, 2007, Jim Hughes wrote:

My background includes educated at the Wharton School of Finance, Unv. of PA. Formalized with a BBA degree. Have been involved in the financial services industry since 1976 with advanced degrees including CLU and CFP. Along the way have been awarded Hall of Fame status in 1988. Have published several articles in Tax Angles for the continuation of small businesses. During the 1980's into the 1990's have been involved in several energy programs including cash flow projections for windmill projects on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

From 1985-1990 did several small oil drilling limited partnerships in upstate PA. This included cash flow projections, income and balance sheets and feasibility financial assessments.

From 1998-2000 did financial evaluations for an Eastern Shore windmill project including "what if" scenarios and projected financial feasibility assessments.

From 2002 to present have acted as an investment advisor regarding Duke Energy and recently Kidder Morgan. Using a double dividend discount method of evaluation to determine the long term capital value of these energy investments.

Yes, you might appreciate several projects are the "them" types. Frankly, i don't own that description of the energy world. We are all in this together and energy is evolving. My belief is my children and their children won't know the world of energy as we know it today. Their energy world will look like the train and coal burning world we perceive today. From what i've read your organization seems to foster, support and promote the energy creators and inventors of tomorrow. If i could help and give back this would be a gift. For several years i gave my time to hospice as a volunteer through the Chester Crozier Medical Association. Additionally, i was a teacher in the Threshold program through the Delaware County Prison which teaches decision making to prisoners. Each volunteer activity was more rewarding that i could have imagined. My perspective is the same fruits of service could be experienced in your organization.

There is an unbending belief that alternative energy sources are feasible, economical and a sound human endeavor. You suggest that there is an "us" and "them" mentality that you appear to be protective of in your organization. Perhaps putting vibrational energy into this description is fostering it's existence. I believe we "all" need to work together because our energy policies effect "all" of us.

My background in financial aspects relating to energy projects would be valuable to your organization because my experience and knowledge would see things others might not as they pursue their individual projects. If you can appreciate this aspect you would see it's value and at least be open minded and allow the opportunity to work together to blossom. If it turns out to be a weed, pull it out.

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Jim Hughes

Pensylvania, USA

fax: 610-543-4076