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Congress:Former Member:Devon O'Shea

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Devon O'Shea


Profile page for New Energy Congress FORMER member, Devon O'Shea


About Devon O'Shea

New Energy Congress Founding Member

Joined the New Energy Congress on 10/06/05. Removed from membership on Dec. 6, 2006 for lack of achieving minimal activity.

Brief Bio

Son of Allan O'Shea the first president of the American Wind Energy Association.

Pursuing technology engineering at Central Michigan University

Member of The Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association.(

My interest for joining the Congress is to hone and develop my renewable energy aspirations and to partake in the second wave of alternative and renewable energies. The hope is to help reconstruct a world dedicated to natures renewables and applying our reusables.

Much of the work begins at home. I am helping our community hold second Energy Fair. The information is provided at these GLREA sites.

2006 Fair Info

Bold textExibitor Booklet 2007

The NEC has been my link into the renewable energy world for the last three years. I wish I was done with school to be able to put energy back into such a great orginization. So for now I must continue to tilt up the wind.

TWO generators and counting:

1-10kw Bergey

1-1.8 Skystream



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