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Congress:Former Member:Andrew Mount

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Andrew Mount

Profile page for New Energy Congress member Andrew Mount



Representation :

New Energy Congress : Since February 26, 2006.

Committees : Open Sourcing Capital Sources Advisory Directories Administrative

Experience in the field of Alt Energy : 20 years equivalent

Education : Certified by Bruce E. DePalma (DePalma Institute) in the areas of Natural Philosophy, Technology and Business Development.

Brief Bio

My life since 1988 has been wholeheartedly dedicated to the advancement of scientific understanding and the implementation of New Energy technology. I am an Associate Director of New Energy Movement and have been instrumental in articulating the scientific and philosophical basis for this critical work. As the former Secretary to Directory:Bruce DePalma, I have been vested with seminal insights into the foundations of the New Physics that undergirds the technology. I consider myself a legacy holder and spokesperson for the movement as a whole.

I see the New Energy Congress as a forum essential to the decentralized pursuit of common understanding and collective development of New Energy technology. These innovations herald such a vast change in the way we relate to the environment, the economy and to one another that New Energy should viewed as the birthright of all humanity, not a commodity to be leveraged for private gain. In this forum, we must strive toward stewardship sustainability in the broadest sense. New Energy is a sacred trust, and I view myself as one of its life-long exponents.

Energy Snapshots

DePalma N-machine/Space Power Generator (9-years in scientific research, design, engineering, fabrication and laboratory testing of novel homopolar generators)

Attendance at several forefront conferences and meetings with pioneers of New Energy.

See: Directory:Bruce DePalma

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Andrew Mount

email: andrew.mount {at}

PO Box 53, Redwood Estates, CA 95044 USA

Cell: 831-325-7859

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