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Congress:Former Advisor:David Yurth

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Profile page for New Energy Congress former advisor David G. Yurth



Representation : Directory:Nova Institute of Technology

New Energy Congress : From Jan. 25, 2009 to June 1, 2010

On June 1, 2010, Congress:Former Advisor:David Yurth resigned as NEC advisor, saying he doesn't support Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan posting news items that expose the New World Order Directory:Conspiracy, which Allan believes is a primary driver in opposing the emergence of free energy technologies. A vote by the NEC supports Allan's stance.

Brief Bio

"Mr. Yurth's focus and experience has been in the field of technology development, invention management, and integration consulting. His role as managing partner, founder, director, and CEO of companies such as Page Turn, LLC, Diversified Holdings, Ltd., X Out Corporation, Nu OmniComm Technologies, Primary Technologies, Inc., and as a Regent of Global University, have provided a leadership edge in the technology industry. Mr. Yurth's experience is heavily weighted in industry networking, technology analytics and research, and product market delivery. He has invented or co-invented a number of innovative technology-based integrations including the X Chip, Guayule Rubber Latex Commercialization Process, Dialog Language Replacement System, Wireless Video Conferencing System, PageTurn computer display system, Collective Ion Accelerator System [for treating radioactive nuclear waste], Electronically Shaded Glass, FloatFisher personal watercraft, and the SREV [Self-Recharging Electric Vehicle]. He is the author of ten books, more than a dozen screen plays and has published 23 scientific papers, articles and monographs. He received his B.A. in English from Weber State University, Ogden, Utah: MBA in Organizational Leadership from Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is currently finishing his PhD in International Business." (Nova Institute of Technology)

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Directory:Nova Institute of Technology


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Latest / Papers: Directory:Cold Fusion > Cold Fusion explanation using the Y-Bias model of scalar dynamics - An ‘out-of-the-box’ explanation of the quantum electrodynamics attendant to the phenomenon referred to as Cold Fusion, by one a revered theorist and leaders in the field of exotic, breakthrough energy research. (PESN May 24, 2009)


David Yurth

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA