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New Energy Congress

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New Energy Congress


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New Energy Congress -- Conference Calls

MEMO: This document is not up-to-date and does not reflect the present activities of the New Energy Congress.

The New Energy Congress holds regular telephone conference call to discuss NEC matters. The calls, which last a little less than an hour, are held every 1.5 weeks, alternating between Tuesday evening, 8:00 pm Mountain time and Friday afternoon, 4:00 pm Mountain time.

An agenda will be posted prior to the call. NEC members should participate when a topic of their specialty is covered. If you cannot join the call due to a schedule conflict, then a preview or follow-up with someone able to attend would be appropriate.

Topic Areas to Cover Each Week

Time allocation is suggested. Actual may vary from one meeting to the next.

(10 min) Technology review (ref:

(5 min) Video project (ref:

(5 min) Finance, whether in-house or highlighted technology finance needs

(5 min) Business, whether in-house or highlighted technology business needs

(5 min) Housekeeping: in-house matters for maintaining order and facilitating mission purposes.

(2 min) IT: Programming issues for database support

(5 min) Misc.

Upcoming Conference Dates and Times


Joining the Conference Call

All NEC members are welcome and encouraged to participate in each conference call

We use which is a free conferencing service. Regular long-distance rates apply for each participant. (If you have to pay by the minute, you might consider getting a monthly plan with unlimited calling time.)

Typical call-in number: 1-620-782-8800 (Kansas, USA)

We typically use the same access code each week.

Agenda and Minutes

Only NEC members have access to these links.


Jan. 5, 16, 26 Minutes Feb. 6 Agenda

Agenda for 1/26

Agenda for 1/16

Agenda for Jan. 5


Agenda 12/27

Dec. 15, 2006 Minutes

Agenda for Dec. 15

Angenda for 11/24 Nov. 14, Minutes

Agenda for 11/14 Nov. 3, 2006 Minutes