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New Energy Congress -- Capital Resources Committee

The purpose of the Capital Resources committee is to help inventors avoid the quicksand and pitfalls from funding arrangements not in their best interest to help identify valuable financial leads and to see that the NEC receives a fair piece of the action when successful matches are facilitated.

Committee Members

Congress:Member:Ken Rasmussen, committee chair

Paul Noel

Committee Roles

screening money groups

networking money and technology

advising money groups about technologies

advising technology groups about money

see that NEC gets a fair piece of the action when they are involved in matching (e.g. 3% finders fee for landing investments)

understand the basic legal requirements involved in these financial matters

We need to be able to guide people through the process, to let them know what is a good or bad deal at whatever stage of the game they are at. e.g. when there isn'ta prototype yet, the financial investment is going to ask for a much larger piece of the pie, than later on.

Screening Money

One of the primary purposes of the NEC Capital Resources committee is to screen money, like the NEC body in general screens technologies. This committee should consider maintaning a public and a private "Top 100 Capital Resources" listing that energy groups can refer to.

There is nearly as much a gamut in money as there is in energy technology claims

bogus, fraud

bogus, well-meaning

grossly overstated but real

promising, but not yet well-developed

ideal match for many of our connections

understated but real

It is the last three that we are going after to feature when matching up money with technologies. 

Levels of Technology Development

What we want to do is to generate a list of money resources we can refer to technologies that need capital for (again, another gamut) . . .

building first prototype

R&D on a working technology

building company infrastructure

preparing production prototype

going into production

launching into the marketplace

expanding in the marketplace

going public

Each of these takes a different kind of finance and entails a decreasing risk (as one proceeds down the list). This list will contain both resources that can be publicly known, as well as some that we need to keep quiet / in-house. 

Discussion - private egroup for committee members

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