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Classifieds: Sean (CLaNZeR) Offering Custom CNC Milling Services

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Image:CLaNZeR prototoype collage 300.jpg

For Building Prototypes and Kits

'Note, this service is no longer being offered, as of at least May, 2011.'

Preface by Congress:Founder:Sterling D. Allan

Nov. 20, 2010

Last Wednesday I posted an article titled, Career opportunities abound in free energy, stating: "Though the world economy is tanking in general, cutting-edge free energy technologies have a rising destiny as illustrated by several emerging modalities. The industry is ripe with opportunity for entrepreneurs who have what it takes to see the opportunities and run with them."

Two days later, the free energy industry celebrated replicator, Sean (CLaNZeR) from the U.K. became the first person to post an announcement of his services as a result of this article.

As you can see from the brief collage showing prototypes he has built to the right, he is a highly gifted mechanical engineer. Go to his site at and browse through the list of prototypes he's built in the left hand column. He's the one who was appointed by Steorn to build their Orbo kits (also shown in the collage), as we reported back on Dec. 31, 2009. You can see why people in the industry approach him about building a design they have in mind.

Until now, he has declined them, not having time. But now he is probing the possibility of making this his career.

I would like to suggest, also, that he take donations to fund a kitty that could be spent to build prototypes for highly promising ideas for indigent inventors who don't have the funds to pay for his services.

The following is what Sean wrote to me yesterday:



: After reading your article I have decided to use my hobby skills to help others out or at least feel the water.

: For the last 13 years I have had to work away from home 5 days a week and in the next couple of months I feel it is time to change that routine, especially with the spiritual changes heading our way.

: So I have popped this piece up on my site ( and other forums to try help the OU/FE community out.


: After all these years of cutting out bent bits of plastic and receiving hundreds of emails from people asking if I can cut out some custom parts for them, I have always declined because of lack of time and other commitments.

: In the next couple of months I am hoping this will change and I should start to be able to offer this service at a reasonable price.

: As many of you, that have tried to source a company with CNC machining capabilities to cut out custom parts, they want to charge an arm and a leg.

: You cannot blame them, as they have invested a huge amount of money in their equipment and need a return.

: But for the guys like yourselves that visit sites like mine, this is just way too much for something that is a hobby.

: Not everyone can run off and make their own CNC machine, let alone afford/justify it for a couple of replications.

: So I hope to offer a low cost solution for all you guys that are in this position, with great ideas, yet limited resources.

: I hope to offer low friction miniature bearings, custom axles, rotors and frames, as well as custom wound coils with various cores.

: Also on top of this I should be able to offer custom electronic circuits to control whatever you need, to run your rig/coils.

: Before I make this commitment, please drop me an email at [] if you feel this service may be of interest.

: Cheers

: Sean (CLaNZeR)

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Open Energy Labs

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CLaNZeRS Open Energy Labs Replication Part(YouTube June 21, 2009)

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Sean (CLaNZeR)


email: []